Saturday, July 6, 2013

Puzzling to Puzzled Minds

                                                                               Author: Meronim
Image: A Chuck Puzzle
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Puzzles are a fascination
an intellectual refuge to test
emotions  so tickled

Puzzling to some
of how so engrossed
one gets in unraveling
a cross-word puzzle

Time and patience are impacted
frustrations ensued
solutions pursued
with shrapnels of ideas blasted into
brains that refuse to operate
and co-operate

On hindsight its sobering effect
is notably a savior to sustain semblance
of balance and
of logic and sanity

Mind games, memory exercises
puzzles,  all impinge on the conscious
to bring out the best in the sub-conscious
to counter a debilitating memory loss
for which a cure is so elusive

Pathetic to observe brilliant minds
plunged so deeply in the dark abyss
of no return of the curse of dementia
a bane to the aging minds

God forbid!
Blogging helps!

Written for Brian's hosting at d'Verse, with Poetics :  PuZZled


  1. Have to keep the mind at work, so puzzles are a perk, blogging sure helps indeed

  2. it is cool how they help keep the mind sharp, i like the intensity of that schrapnel stanza...ha...ideas do explode at times...especially when you are handling logic...smiles...i hope blogging does help...i need the sharpening...smiles.

  3. i hope blogging helps, too :)

  4. Well, if blogging helps, I will be safe. LOL. At my former house I lived next to a man and his wife. The man had Alzheimers, and every day the man and wife did crossword the wife's insistance. I guess one can hope that this kind of thing helps. I am skeptical, but I won't dash anyone's hope. It is pathetic to once brilliant minds plunged into the abyss for sure. A truly AWFUL fate I wouldn't wish on even an enemy.

  5. This is a great story of why we do puzzles! I love it because I need them.

  6. Hi Hank,

    I read an article about the benefits of puzzles and how it keeps the mind sharp. I think you captured this theory very well in your poem and let's keep blogging as it helps our minds.

  7. Hi Hank!

    Thoughtful - but not puzzling :-)


  8. You hit the nail on the head with this one Hank. So true, we hope puzzles will deter dementia. I too hope that writing poems does it for me, because I never do puzzles. I tried sudoko once, but quit pretty quickly. Anyway, yes, God forbid.

  9. ..oh, i love love puzzles... especially sodokus... i am a certified addict to it... a total geek to adorn my room & venture some bucks with sodoku books... i even cut out such from various mags, newspapers, journals, etc.... then i would time myself while solving each levels... playing sodokus helped me a lot when i'm still studying in college taking up accountancy... it's def a good exercise to sharpen your analytical skills which is the no 1 requirement in daring to take accounting... you don't actually need to be excellent in math you just need to have a good analytical skill to solve the complicated figures in auditing, taxation, cost accounting, bank recon, etc... ha, i am just thankful that sodokus were invented just at the right timing i needed a brain squeezer... lucky me... smiles.... loved it...

  10. yes - i think blogging does help - you read on so many different topics, meet so many people - much better than crossword puzzles if you ask me...smiles

  11. Blogging is another way of doing puzzle.. Dementia is so sad... to close at hand at the moment.

  12. Oh, well you know, a puzzling puzzle puzzles puzzle-lovers! :-) Great post.

    Greetings from London.

  13. brilliant, Hank.
    "with shrapnels of ideas blasted into
    brains that refuse to operate
    and co-operate" loved this part - great images.
    and yes, blogging does help - a great deal in fact.

  14. Yes, thank Maude for blogging. Hi, Hank.

  15. Blogging certainly helps Hank - keeps my mind alive. Love it and love your words of wisdom.
    Anna :o]

  16. True, True. Blogging is also like a puzzle, it has all of puzzles blessings but lacks its easy starters.