Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birthday Bash at Age Three

Remember Little Naqip? How he had everyone on tenterhooks the day he was 
born (here) He turned 3 today and what a day!

 Image: 1  'Happy Birthday Naqib'!  The Banner on the Wall,

 Image: 2 The Birthday Boy with sis Sarah Ayesha

 Image: 3 With cheeky sis Sarah Ayesha, cousins, Norman and Kimie

 Image:4 Auntie Azlin, Grandma Shadah and Auntie Wati

Image:5 The Birthday Boy Ready to Blow the Candles, held Lovingly by Mom

Image: 6  Dad Hafidz and Mom Qaty cutting out the cake and The Birthday Boy safely
in the arms of Uncle Hussein

Image: 7 Sarah Ayesha (with mask) friend, brother Nabil and cousin Khalis waiting
for a piece of the Birthday cake

His big day today
Naqip turned three and he has
his friends around him

Mom and Dad giving
a special treat, a birthday
bash at the Mall

How will he take it,
as the music is blaring
and guests keep coming

No fear, he blew the candles
most confidently!

Written haiku for Chev's CARPE DIEM #239 with prompt - curiousity


  1. what a fun, celebratory take on the prompt!

  2. happy birthday to the little man...they are so much fun to have a party with and for at that stuff man...

  3. Great celebration...and you satisfied my curiosity!


  4. Curiosity is the best way to be, sounds like he had a great party

  5. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  6. What a beautiful birthday boy! Thanks for sharing this wonderful celebration! May he ever remain curious!Curious

  7. Wonderful series on this boy's birthday Hank. Chapeau!

  8. ..aww, love love love kids... what a wonderful celebration... belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAQIB!!! what a cute li'l name... GOD Bless!!! smiles...

  9. Sweet and lovely.. great take.