Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Being Cruel To a Baby!

                                                                                    Attribution: Makalp
Image: A One Minute Old Baby
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

How cruel it can be
How awful!
It was heavenly
A minute ago

It was snug
Floating and cushioned
At every knock
And now just jettisoned

What a shock!
A slap on the butt
The water is cold
You inconsiderate adult!

Ok, I'm now all wrapped up
Comfy and warm
This is it! Peace at last!
But I'm being ogled around

Hey! no pinching, ouchy!
Just you look, no monkeying around
Don’t touch me!
Just leave me alone!

Written for Laurie's hosting at Poetry Jam with prompt  -  Babies Rule


  1. Love it, the shock of life, the newness of the adventure of life, nicely captured.

  2. Ha, one does wonder what a baby thinks when he/she first finds himself/herself living. It must be quite an adjustment. No wonder the baby cries!!!! Nice capture, Hank.

  3. ha. you know it has to be a shock to go from being all nice and warm in the dark to bright lights and cold...what an intro to reality eh? smiles...

  4. ha how dare they slap him on the butt

  5. Poor little babies - what an entry to the world with a slap!

  6. Hank ... this is pure delight!!!

  7. Yep, you've about summed it up. Poor babies being shocked into the world.

  8. awe..awe..awe :))This is remarkable, Hank.
    Brilliant take on the prompt....

  9. ...Hank, i loved the duality in your poem today... ah, what an excellent way to demonstrate the feeling... the first couple of verses are gut wrenching & heart breaking... & the latter part is the treat here with that gentle touch & not at all hating & hurting... smiles...

  10. Poor baby suffering culture shock!

  11. lol someone slapped me on the rump i may throw a fit too.

  12. A cute one Alan. One does have to wonder what the whole coming into the world experience is for the baby. What a shock!

  13. I have a part of the home birth of two of my grandchildren and it was a great time for All..even the baby I think

  14. ah... the reality of life... that's why mommy's arms are so wonderful

  15. That was great - birht is a pretty cruel thing to do to a little baby haha.