Saturday, July 13, 2013

Onslaught of Summer Heat

                                                                               Attribution: High Contrast 
Image: Rudbeckia Fulgida Faded in the Summer Heat
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Blazing summer heat beating down mercilessly
Onslaught on vulnerable living things profusely  
Without recourse torrid of nature’s spurn unfairly
Of good Mother Earth taking the brunt squarely

Nestled in one corner of the garden in all innocence
Making an appearance long after a quiet in hibernation
A patch of flowers in full bloom proudly arrogant
Taking on nature’s discord to survive as a challenge

Unrelenting as all of other living things out there then
Trying desperately in all fairness to sustain a fair existence
Devoid of protection but reaching out without pretentions
Treading each step accepting the specter of nature’s warmth

Such is the snarl of terror of the summer sun
Liken to an act of retribution for dissidents
Daring at the outset to offer mundane resistance
Remorseful eventually reeling against all regiment

Written for Claudia’s hosting at d’Verse , Poetics on 
summer's scorching sun


  1. Does not stop at all
    For any at their hall
    Come what may
    Each and every day
    That shiny gas ball

  2. whew...felt the heat and was wishing for a breeze...reminds me of the week we were without power last year...hottest week of the summer too...this year its opposite, everything water logged...

  3. oh heck....def. feel their suffering...the sun has tremendous power and we tend to forget this over in our usually mild climate..

  4. Wow, you hammered us with the heat of this one. Love it.

  5. This a true tribulation of heat.. great rhymes and a smooth writing

  6. Hank, I am sure you are an expert on the hotness of unrelenting heat.....where you live. Some days it is definitely a challenge to survive.

  7. It was warmly relentless and tight.>KB

  8. You turned your march into july, an excellent pen, Hank ~ M

  9. Yes. We must water daily here in Southeast Texas.

  10. So well written, Hank! Feeling the heat. Poor withered flowers. I try to water my garden every day or as soon as something looks droopy. So sad the heat toll on nature.

  11. I can feel that onslaught! - even though it is very much winter here.

  12. Hi Hank,

    really liked the second verse..those flowers trying to survive..

  13. It is a challenge to get through the hot weather....time to water the Rhudbeckia...but what if there was a water shortage...and famine and could be grim...thankfully this will pass when the season changes ..

  14. I like how you highlight the "proudly arrogant" plants
    Taking on nature’s discord to survive as a challenge." I think I have a few of those, too.

  15. 'the snarl of terror' yes... the power and relentlessness is felt throughout. It's warfare.

  16. Wow, that's telling it, and some! Powerful stuff! Well done.

  17. oh, that last line.... just wow. great atmosphere you created, i feel like i need a cold shower now... like the summer heat threw a punch. brilliant write, Hank - thoroughly enjoyed this.

  18. Blazing, onslaught, unrelenting, torrid~ great use of words to really drive home the feeling of oppression that the heat can bring.

  19. Scorching portrayal! I love the line 'Such is the snarl of terror of the summer sun'. Great write! -Mike

  20. This is so well written Hank. I felt the scorch of the sun and actually felt sorry for the flowers trying to survive. You chose some vividly descrptive words here.