Saturday, July 20, 2013

Innocence Denied

                                                                                 Attribution: Bob Petersen
Image: Innocence Blooming
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

He stood there holding out for his own
Not the slightest bother on others around
His mind wondered far but he stood his grounds
Seemingly confident without a sound

Wrinkles lined his pock marked face
Had seen better days before in his heyday
He reflected on the twist of fate
It could not be any other way

It was a good lesson
He should have stood up to his rights
He was innocent
But he let his guard down without a fight

He shouldn’t have trusted others
They looked after their own
They disappeared when  it mattered
And left him holding the baby alone

He bade farewell to the good life
Fugitive from the law he was labeled
He now depended on his wiles to survive
To stamp his innocence later when able

Written for Sandy’s hosting at One Single Impression #280
with prompt  - wrinkle


  1. wow..
    it was so so beautiful..
    what was rightfully his, denied.
    Regret, betrayal, sadness... you encapsulated all the emotions into one :)

  2. sometimes we have to stand our ground regardless the consequences or who turns away from us...hopefully we have the wisdom to know when that capture a big story in a short verse....

  3. Law isn't always right, sometimes one has to stand and fight, then run away and live to fight another day

  4. The time of finding out whats we're made of, Hank.


  5. Fate can be cruel at times, people go away from us, but we have to stand strong and fight back.

  6. This was nice, Hank. ~~ A little disturbing but nice still.
    Thank you for visiting my dog birthday post. And for your nice comment. Sorry I'm so late in returning.
    Oh yes, on my other blog I did have a 'Wrinkle' poem.