Sunday, July 14, 2013

A New Planet

                                                                                                Attribution: NASA
Image: The New Planet Fomalhaut-b orbiting its own sun the Fomalhaut
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)
The Sunday Wordle with the given words:

(could not place the word sick)

The space lab was jubilant
It managed to detect a new planet
Make no mistake, it orbits its own sun
With a chic given name, Fomalhaut

Fomalhaut-b is the new planet named
Surrounding it a Saturn-like ring structure
Comprising brown and gold colors aflamed
Leaving them like friends close together

Translating a conscience long noted
Are yet to reveal from the rest of the galaxy
Likely second planets may still be discovered
Takes time it may seem but still very likely

Written for Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #117 with the given words above and Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. Beautiful photo and it is an excellent partner for your words. Space is a mystery that we humans may never tire of exploring. You have woven the words well.


  2. Thumbs up Hank!! The pic is amazing and your words make it more dazzling!! Science is progressing so fast, and discoveries are made so very regularly, unravelling mysteries of the hidden worlds and beyond!!

  3. huh, i need to look this one has always fascinated me and i am sure we will be discovering new things for eons to come as it is so vast....what a cool pic with this too...

  4. So much still could be undiscovered - this planet really may be out there!

  5. Strong work, Hank. The picture is a perfect complement to your work. Bravo!

  6. Nice poem, Hank. It brings me memories. (I worked for NASA at the Johnson Manned Spacecraft Center for 14 years as an aerospace engineer in the Flight Control Division.)

    Actually the star and its light has been analized since at least 1943. Later it has been studied intensively from the Space Station.
    BTW, Google (my on-line spell checker) said: "Did you mean: Fomalhaut "

    1. You're absolutely correct Dr Jim! It's spelled Fomalhaut. I'll have it corrected. Thanks a lot!


  7. Powerful stuff, and infinitely fascinating.

  8. fascinating much we dont know.

  9. Translating a conscience long noted..
    I'm always fascinated when it comes to space

  10. Space is quite the place, never heard of this one before, have to explore.

  11. Far, far away in a galaxy unknown. Amazing such discoveries are being made and so vividly seen. Loved how you worked the wordle into describing this new world. Wish they'd named the planet something more romantic or mellifluous.

  12. What a gorgeous photo and your words make science take on warmth where academia tends to make it so cold for me.

  13. Cool poem, and I learned something new too!

  14. I wasn't sure at first whether this was conjecture or the truth. So I had to Google it to check. There it was! What a great jobs you did on this.

  15. So much still undiscovered, Hank. Fascinating poem.


  16. Fantastic discovery! I learned a lot from this poem and love the image.