Monday, July 29, 2013

Space to Move - An etheree

                                                                                  Attribution: S Ivanov
Image: Galaxy NGC 1300
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

One needs
more than  just

Space to muster
Efforts and gumption
to burst out from the chest

So much to rally round that
one is not strong enough to snuff

Need to react positively to
friendly banter with friends and foes alike

Hedge aka Joy is hosting at Real Toad's Week-end Mini Challenge with etheree
a form that progressively increases in syllable count from one to ten
Shared with Theme Thursday with prompt - space


  1. From solid earth
    Into space
    All but imagination

  2. Need the banter and the space, fun to embrace

  3. Some of us are more conscious of personal space than others. I read that into this nicely crafted etheree. My etheree is an old link in case you want to read it:
    (don't feel like you must, though, Hank.

  4. interesting use of the form hank..discourse and communication, i def think that is needed between friend and foe alike...its a step toward resolution, you know. smiles.

  5. Hank, you touched on something that had my blog ablaze last week... the mature discussion that went all ballistic over my Trayvon poem.

    I need my own space. I actually inhabit the "pastor's office" in the parsonage, and it's totally dedicated to my blog and music efforts. As Virginia Woolf called it, "A room of one's own..."

    Lovely etheree, Hank, and congrats on wrangling that form! Amelita

  6. Really nice portrayal of space. We need our own space plus we also need to give space to others be it friend or foe.

  7. Points made beautifully by association. Admirable

  8. Flows beautifully like words from a faucet into space around us that we cannot contain. Lovely.

  9. Great poem that says so much. We definitely need our own space and if everyone respected everyone else's space then things would be better. I think of a fly that is across the room, as long as it stays there and out of my space then I leave it alone, but once it starts flying near me then "splat" goes the fly swatter and the fly is no longer in my space. Although I do try to shoo it out the door first because I really do hate cleaning up bugs. I just think some people do bug others when they intrude upon someone's space and if they treated other people's space the way they would like their space treated then life would be better for all. Geez, as I reread this it made me think about how some countries are like the fly, always trying to intrude upon another countries space.

    Thanks for sharing this space poem that makes one think for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is filled with others giving you some space.

    God bless.

  10. I enjoyed your poem.