Thursday, July 4, 2013

Misgivings of Mercantile Mayhem

                                                                                                      User: Dcoetzee
Image: Wall Street of Old
Source: Wikipedia Commons (here)
Note: Anna at d'Verse had suggested to write on  'atmosphere' or mood. We are
also asked to state our mood. My mood is rather of concern of apparent economic
woes looming ahead not given its due seriousness. Tools employed, past tense and
generous use of words starting with 'M' to give effect to the mercantile approach
and background

With weird misgivings he plotted his next move
He needed to mollify his stance mundane as it was
Mitigating factors macabre and menacing in nature
Were not migrant in his choice but might malfunction

A motley of events midget in seriousness but maverick
In approach played a medley of musical interludes in
Mystical ways in his mind, a mishap of mayhem of sorts
A marathon of strains meandering and menacing

Minions of society manacled in their bids marooned
Into exclusivity wanting to be magnanimous to maintain
A semblance of mercantile preference muted in munificence
Maimed in their efforts in monotonous business pursuits

A malingerer wanting to meddle in matters of an entrepreneur
Making money in millions but have murky ideas of making it big
A modicum of honor though muted pushed misshapen efforts
To be a millionaire in thinking but minuscule for starters

Mindful of maverick economists who accurately predicted the
Sub-prime woes before and who now saw a bigger malfunction
Looming  ahead  chronicled in Aftershocks with misgivings not
Unfounded warning mortals of impending Depression ahead

Written for Anna's hosting at d"Verse, Meeting the Bar: Atmosphere


  1. theres a reason they call econ the dismal science :)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. ha. all the m sounds were fun and rather lightened the mood a is a scary world we live in...economies teetering on the brink...i think the world is gonna become a very interesting place...and perhaps we will learn to work together to get through it...

  3. ha - i like how this reads with all the m words... and rgd. economy...i wonder where this is going...the earth grows more and more together...chances and dangers..

  4. Those murky ideas are what get us in trouble

  5. Interesting that the repeated m to me make it sound less menacing in a way... but it clearly create a mood, and it is a rapidly changing words.. sometimes I think we are like lemmings running toward the abyss (which is a myth anyway)

  6. yeah things are going down the crapper economic wise more and more, things are sure going to be interesting to say the least.

  7. Depressing:(
    But that's what you intended. Liked the repeating mmms

  8. You nailed it on atmosphere that's for sure! What a grim mood you set...and yet...