Monday, July 22, 2013

A Streaker's Dilemma

                                                                                    Painting by Andrew Wyeth 
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Done with my streaking
You should have seen their eyes
How they popped out
More of surprise than anger
They did not expect anything like this
And it was also a stroke of good luck
I did not anticipate the large crowd
Tonight it was somehow unusual
And they were very sporting

Did you see the guy with the red hat
The burly and menacing looking
I thought he was trying to stop me
I started with a slow run further down
The ladies were already screaming
when I reached him
He came at me
I thought he was swinging a punch
Lo and behold! He cleared the path
for me. He was making it easier for me
In fact he followed slowly to make
sure I had a clear passage
I owed him one!

It was pretty tiring
That was a long run
I had better get back to my bike

 Hey! Who switched on my lights!
What happened to my clothes?
I was lucky I hid my wallet and bike keys
under the stone in the bush
I’ll better go get them

Lesson learnt
Next time for a streaking stint
No more bikes!
Bring the car!


  1. LOL maybe monkeys ran away with the clothes

  2. and the dish ran away with the spoon! This was a fun romp, Hank.

  3. Yes! Don't forget the get-away car!

  4. Oh,
    Always a car ;D

  5. haha hope he doesn't do it below freezing

  6. lol fun run maybe the guy with red hat cleared the way for a chance at clothes and a bike. hope there was a windshield on your

  7. haha lucky you...hopefully its a warm night....cause that wind is going to be worse riding than running...smiles...
    fun piece hank....

  8. Well done. This reminded me of the streaker's song that was in the charts years ago where the wife was incensed :)

  9. Cars are modern day suits of armour! :)

  10. Well done. Unique take on this one.

  11. lol this is a fantastic take