Thursday, June 25, 2015

What are we to pull back from

Image: City of Worms in Germany (here)
(Photographer: Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons)

All the given words were used:
hear ye thou to spit black fire that not to 
flow what to pull man old mother hand 
worm who bark ashes to give I this

Hear ye! Where art thou?
To spit black venom
Fire away then it is that easy!
So, not to flow

What are we to pull back from
man, woman and old mother?

We hand it to the worm
who to bark and
who to reduce to ashes

To give not to take
I set this mood for solace
in numbers

(60 words)

Note: To use as many of the given words and
to create a poem of not exceeding 60 words

For Words count with Mama Zen
at Real Toads


  1. Always easier to spit venom than to choose solace. Lots to think about here.

  2. Reflecting on the lessons passed on by elder generations make acwhole heap of sense. Notwithstanding respect is also rewarded

    Much love...

  3. "To give not to take"


  4. "to give not to take" wisdom there..excellent use of the words.

  5. Nice use of all the words, Hank. It all fit in nicely, the ending was a nice summary. Did you think twice about using the "old" mother? I did think on mine and decided the "old" helped set the mood.

    1. Funny enough, yes I did Dr Jim. I did not want to use old for mothers. They are always young. But somehow here it fits in!


  6. Love the words"To Give Not To Take".
    Great write Hank.

  7. "I set this mood for solace" nice line and summary

  8. Many go for the take and only give if they get something in return

  9. You did this beautifully, and cleverly.

  10. So impressive that you used all the words and still came in under 60 words with something that has so much meaning in it!!

  11. Alas there is to much venom and too little solace in the world

  12. O, if the lowly worm decides we'd all be both genders and the small would rule. I'll find solace somewhere!

  13. oooh - quite deep. read it twice and got different feelings each time. lovely work! "i set this mood for solace in numbers" recalls a thermostat battle... which, in my house, tends to be one of the sexes. anywho, many layers to this, lovely read - thank you. Cheers!