Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bewitching doe-like come hither

                                                                                   Attribution: Vijaymoreb1
Image: A Face without Luster (here)

Note: The painting shows a sad woman
There are no more colors in her life
A 'sun'and a 'moon' are shown where
once her life was as bright but now
it's dark as night - Wiki

The given 10 words:
Tea Eyes Stories, Ancient, Dance, 
Heart Clue, Voice, Behind , Nature

Bewitching doe-like come hither
Looks that calm the nerves
While sitting having tea
Who however much he tries
cannot take his eyes  off her

Stories abound ancient
or otherwise
Revolving around eyes

Excitement is in the air
Lovely eyes of lovers meet
Dancing in tandem
with the bouncing heart
When nothing else matter

Most revealing though
On occasions where clues
are superfluous and revealing

Teary eyed perhaps the
aftermath of a little tiff
when opinions differ
Tears flowing like reversal
monsoon rains that
flood the country-side

Red eyes and seething with anger
following heated exchanges
Or lying at the pub's door
Still blood-shot red and disoriented
Had one too many

Worst it may have taken blows
Blue and black rings around the eyes
with incoherent gruff voice
behind a puffed up face

Nature is so forgiving
That emotions are translated
very succinctly in changes
of texture and luster
Eyes, one so tender and the first
spied of a person
hurt happy or grieving

For Vinay's Mid-week Wordle Prompt #4 and
ABHRA's at d'Verse's Poetic: -  the sinful monsoon


  1. Nice job weaving picture, given words, and the monsoon prompt all into one.

  2. Emotions, on the surface are rather easy to read.
    Getting to why they are there, now that is definitely the trick.
    When love falls apart, it def gets messy.

  3. Hank, The picture is sad, her universe has lost it's luster..sometimes those blue/black bruises last for a very long time. They are under the surface of the skin hidden inside.

  4. sometimes our emotions are plainly visible - sometimes hidden and it takes quite some wisdom and sensitivity to get to the core of things

  5. Maybe emotions are as unpredictable as weather... Rain is pouring down in that feeling of depression.

  6. Absolutely stunning.

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  8. Great job Hank in creating the given words into a wonderful verse.

  9. Sometimes those feelings can run deep and one may not know the reason until out they seep

  10. Very engaging story.

  11. I am glad that nature is so forgiving ~

  12. monsoon seems aptly to relate to emotions that cannot be held back...

  13. I see the connection Sir Hank!

  14. Storms of eyes tell forever stories
    of heARt.. where waves crash
    high and low.. in Monsoon
    Anger and Passionate
    Love.. Waves of
    emotion go
    on for
    those still
    with lighted
    beacon eyes..:)

  15. Great job of combining prompts - I always admire when people can multi-task and do a grand job of creation. What a monsoon of depression and sorrow in this. One has to look between the rain to see what is real.

  16. "Tears flowing like reversal
    monsoon rains that
    flood the country-side"

    I like the metaphors you use and how you combine two different prompts. Well done.