Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A sudden whiff of the passing breeze

Image: Suricates in Namibia (here)

The given words:
Sunday Whirligig  -  stain much length touch 
things shake salt springs fault pain strength, 

A sudden whiff of the passing breeze
Slight stain of scent detected in the air
Not much in length but just a sneeze
Enough touch though to be made aware

Taking things for granted decidedly unwise
Where the shaking of salt was visually apparent
But predators could well spring a surprise
Teaching the young was of major concern

Wiles of survival must be perfect to a fault
One chance available the allowable pain
Sustainability of the progeny of strength sought
The dominant male's stature duly maintained

For Susan's hosting at PU's Midweek Motif  -  sustainability and
MMT's at Sunday Whirligig #10 with the given words


  1. A mistake post at your coast?

    1. You were too fast. Was still working on it when you called!


  2. I hadn't anticipated this application of the motif of sustainability, but it's a good one. How to keep the family alive in the face of disaster? In some species, male dominance may have a lot to do with teaching the basics of survival to the newborn. There may only be one chance, one sniff before it's too late.

  3. "Taking things for granted decidedly unwise"...this is so true for all...nicely done with the given words Hank :)

  4. Survival of the fittest..! What an amazing execution of the prompt :D
    Well penned..!

  5. This is a very cool approach to the prompt - survival of these small species is so imperiled now.....good one, Hank, and I adore the photo.

  6. A wonderful poem indeed. Beautifully penned :)

  7. out in the wild there's no taking things for granted, agreed

    much love...

  8. Your wording is excellent Hank and makes the point - as we are shaking our salt these little guys could be gone.

  9. Stand guard! Those lions are everywhere.

  10. It must be hard to incorporate all those words into your thoughts. Still, you did it! Nice way to illustrate the importance of family survival, for them, but for all of us too.

  11. Little communities working together beautifully told. Meanwhile humanity rampages across the world in unconcern for the world or the future.

  12. We must always be on guard...i loved the threads of humour in this...the picture alone makes you want to :)

  13. Kaykuala,

    We must be awake and aware of the need to be both vigilant and more caring, otherwise our demise is likely to be hastened...Love those wise merecats!!

  14. Yes sustaining the line is important and the one who survives in the best suited to stay on top.

  15. 'Taking things for granted' and not engaging ourselves in sustainability of life, this mistake would be fatal...Great on words!