Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dancing in the dark

                                                                                         Attribution: Gabriel Pollard
Image: Apparition-like Sparklers (here)

The given words:
blood creature dancing dark dreadful gun 
kiss penny praying plague seduce tarot
levitate (rise into the air in a way that
appears to be magical)

Blood curdling creature
It's hair-raising, spine-chilling
Dancing in the dark

Dreadful experience
Just as a gun to the head
Time to kiss good-bye

Penny for your thoughts
Praying hard to levitate
up high in the clouds

Sadly often plagued
by the tarot's curse seduced
to a complete wreck

For MLMM's Wordle # 166


  1. Have to get some major voodoo going and break that curse

  2. There is plenty that will weigh us down, call it monster or creature, or otherwise - that will as a crab in a bucket try to keep us in, and from flying or rising above.

  3. Faith can move mountains and positive thinking can do wonders so lets think positive!

  4. That sparkler image is the same one I've adapted for my banners and business cards, etc. :D I loved the poem you came up for it.

  5. Great write Hank, all given words made good reading.