Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gliding gracefully

                                                                                                 Attribution: Juan Lacruz
Image: Aquila Adalberti in Flight (here)

Gliding gracefully
Belies might of a lethal
killing machine that
swoops silently from above
Prey without a fighting chance

Prying eyes hidden
from view ostensibly to
offer assistance
Eagle-like beware those known
to wreak havoc on others

For CHev's CARPE DIEM #752  -  eagles


  1. Never see it coming. I used to live near a raptor reehabilitation area. Was really cool to see these uys up close and see just how deadly.

  2. ah i see you went for the tanka; nice you captured the eagle's spirit

    thanks for dropping in to read yours

    much love...

  3. Can swoop down at any moment and throw life for a loop

  4. i think the second tanka warns that people can be predatory too...dangerous talons?!