Friday, June 26, 2015

They were oblivious of the crowd

                                                                               Attribution: Till Krech
Image: Set for the Occasion (here)

The 10 given words:
enjoy candle dinner week song 
live money late pray rise 

They enjoyed candle-light dinner for this week
How very romantic it was
Reminiscent of courting days before
when they were younger

How he had even picked the occasions
to throw a surprise on her
How they laughed in between songs
in the posh restaurant
They were oblivious of the crowd
who even clapped and wished them well
when told it was their anniversary

This time there was no crowd
Just the two them
to enjoy the candle-light dinner
at home

They had to live with it
Repairs to the car took a chunk of their money
They were late in payments for their utilities
They prayed it would not happen again
Otherwise it would be candle-light dinner
when supplies were disconnected
for non-payment
They would have to rise
to the occasion in future

For Vinay's hosting at A Prompt Each Day
with Prompt 27 Wordle #4


  1. WOW, A beautiful poem,as usual.

  2. Excellent as usual Hank. wonderful to read.

  3. A true connection between two people is best felt at home...when you don't need lots of sparkle and razzmatazz!

  4. Home is where you truly connect, saves money too lol

  5. Sounds a bit... like my marriage.... No more car repairs either, please. (Knock on wood)

    Plus the Ghost beat me too it, Hank, so now it's your turn again. I think it was 15 in a row or 14.

  6. Even in bad and trying times, they haven't forgotten their love.

  7. This is testimony to people who know how to appreciate what they have. Lovely.