Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ode to morning news

                                                             Attribution: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes
Image: Browsing the old-fashioned way (here)

A daily ritual
almost clock-work
stepped out in the cold
fittingly with sense of purpose
dribbling at the mouth
hungry as a lion

pulled it out menacingly
from the box
where earlier it was stuffed into
by the news-boy
one who was out in the morning mist
almost alone at the crack of dawn
trying to earn a few bucks

walked back towards the house
but hesitated a little
stopped in his tracks
still hungry for the news
could not wait to be in the house

flipped a few pages
incessantly browsing
walked a few more steps
but this time slowly
eyes still focused in the open pages
walked on slowly still
right to the door-steps

that was how it had been
without fail
in the early mornings
through the years
but not anymore

early mornings
on normal days now
no more rush to the door
relaxed and leisurely
no more tensed but now satisfied
no more rushing for the news
done that
googled for them
late last night!

For Karin's hosting for Real Toad's
Sunday Mini Challenge - Ode to the Quotidian and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #257


  1. My experience is it is just yesterday's news with a new date. Doomth, gloomth and misery.

  2. Alas we spend too much time in the night instead of enjoying the morning news.. I still read it every morning on paper...

  3. I love the change that comes at the end of this piece but part of me can't help but think that perhaps that rush for the paper and excitement for the fresh pages is different when conducted on line..there's something very tactile about newsprint..the smell and the ink on your fingers..reading it then throwing it away ready for tomorrows news..

  4. We always hunger for the news...but no longer have to go out to get a newspaper. It comes to us via the internet at all hours of the day or night!

  5. Thank goodness, the news in the newspaper are all over the internet and we can read them in our leisure time ~ No more waking up early to read the newspaper ~

  6. I dunno, its another convention that is going by the way side in the digital age. I feel bad. What happens when the net crashes? We are left blind.

  7. has killed that hunger...but love that image of the 'hungry lion'....

  8. The newspaper is pretty much a thing of the past to most. Google wins out

  9. I too, still like the feel of a newspaper in my hands!

  10. I actually get a newspaper delivered. I like flipping through the pages..I don't even mind the ink on my hands..and think of all the jobs that would be lost..I guess I feel the same about a book..I enjoy holding a book in my hand the smell, the texture it is all part of the experience.

  11. This is such a brilliant piece of work.. I too cherish holding the newspaper in the morning and flipping through its pages.. Beautifully captured :D

  12. Great write Hank, though most people get their news via the Internet.

  13. i miss the time i didn't rely onthr app for news

  14. This made me smile......the googling in anticipation........I thought the slowing steps might have been because of all the bad news waiting in the pages, till I read the closing.

  15. Haha! But this ode recalls what was so neat and physically complete about holding newsprint in the hands!

  16. I am sad that we see less and less husband is hungry for the news and gets his fix throughout the I am content to remain in the dark.

  17. There is a nostalgia to this that makes me think that in spite of the ease that has been gained something has been lost as well.

  18. That's the truth! I read my iPad in the morning as opposed to the newspaper.

  19. There's nothing like a morning paper. Well said!

  20. This is written in a fun, conversation tone that holds a lot of insightful observations.

  21. It is hard to find news in newspapers anymore, thank heavens for the crosswords.

  22. I get my news from a daily update from MSN News.
    Nice tale, Hank. I suspected the ending. ;)

  23. Great poem about the fall of print news.

  24. I get bits of news throughout the day. I was never much of a newspaper reader. But, I do remember my grandfather. He read it thoroughly every day. Your poem made me think of him. Nice Hank.

  25. Loved the ode, and how suddenly you've turned to computer instead...Still it's nice to read sometimes the newspapers....