Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Begging for an answer

                                                                               Attribution: Anamix 257
Image: A Gentle Kiss (here)

The 9 of 10 given words:
kiss death begging walk sun 
ever nothing garden remains 

The kiss of death
Begging for an answer
from not just a walk in the sun

What was it
What happened
Was there ever one?

Nothing less than in
the garden of Gethsemane
That was where it happened
The night before His crucifixion
From Judas' kiss that betrayed Him

Now it remained incessantly to describe

Something that is ultimately ruinous, destructive, or fatal: 
A relationship or action that makes failure or ruin inevitable
An act or relationship that has fatal or disastrous consequences

It covered the whole gamut of what could go wrong

Even divorce was once described as a
political kiss of death"  by Ellen Goodman.

Unless after a kiss of death
one literally got devoured  by a
Black Widow as a coup de grace
it could dance on every one's lips!
Devouring one so dear was game enough
Food for thought!

Note: From Judas' kiss that betrayed Jesus
in the garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:44-45)

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  1. What an excellent write and all given words used to their full potential.
    Well done Hank.

  2. Definitely a kiss I would rather avoid,
    but you are right - a kiss to betray has been used
    throughout history - as if to soften
    the blow.

  3. Yeah, have to avoid those black widows haha

  4. Oh this is beautiful and brilliant, Hank.

  5. The kiss of death can take many forms

  6. The kiss of betrayal! Just a great write Hank!

  7. Imaginative write...well done.

  8. Good imaginative use of those prompt words. I usually picture the Sicilian Mafia "kiss of death" scenes, like Michael Corleone kissing his brother before he had him killed.

  9. Excellent subject for your poem. He knew that kiss was coming. It had to.

  10. That kiss of betrayal is certainly memorable ~ One that will forever change history ~

  11. An incredible piece..! Loved the rich flow of language and the perception behind the verse :D well penned..!

  12. very disappointing with trust has been broken... a kiss should be treasured

  13. I never thought of Judas' kiss as being the source of the term "kiss of death" but it makes perfect sense. I enjoyed this poem; very well written. Peace, Linda

  14. Replies
    1. Particularly the fact that begging, itself, could be the answer.

  15. I suppose that being stabbed in the back after a 'kiss' is the bitterest of experience.

  16. You definitely illustrated, with many good examples, the fact that kisses are not always given with affection!

  17. Those words took you - and us along with you - on an amazing, philosophical journey.

  18. Excellent use of the given words....the kiss of death, certainly not a coup de grace...betrayal - uragiri in Japanese Romanji.....the worst of things: betrayal of trust.

  19. What an excellent pondering Hank.. Kisses that are the most intimate can still hide the deepest of betrayal.

  20. The kiss of death, the kind that is too good to be true, Hank. So easy to deceive an innocent lover... to regret is rather too long to endure. Thanks for the poem, Hank!

  21. Ah.. the Judas often bleeds the most..
    the anti-hero seldom celebrated but
    brings the change.. the dark comes
    first and then the light ends where
    dark brown leaves come in fall.. to
    rise again.. in seed of sprout..
    loving grains are gray and
    white.. and sometimes
    black.. and blood
    and blue