Thursday, June 11, 2015

picture mirrors image, image mirrors picture

                                                                                 Attribution: CE Photo Uwe Aranas
Image: Mirror Image in Line (here)

now brewing
picture mirrors image
experience overwhelming
nice feeling
simple starts

is it easy
some with rhyming
trying perhaps
quirks seen plainly
somewhat acceptable
yes it is

is it yes
acceptable somewhat
plainly seen quirks
perhaps trying
rhyming with some
easy it is

starts simple
feeling nice
overwhelming experience
image mirrors picture
brewing now

Note: A palindrome is a word (or sentence) that reads the same backwards as forward.
Hank had chosen the 'word' version styled against starkat's Artistic Creations (here)

For Mary's hosting at d'Verse's MTB  -  Palindrome poetry


  1. Ha, Hank you did a great job with this. It is fun sometime to try something new. And you even rhymed. Bravo.

  2. Sorry, Hank, for the late comment. I tried to comment earlier but got an error message. I really liked the way you went with your mirror poem.

  3. Well I am glad you let it brew. This is not an easy one as you have to think how it will play both forward and backwards. You pulled it off nice.

  4. Changing the sentences as a mirror would see the words..clever, Hank., the meaning works both ways as do your thoughts.

  5. Actully a lot like truth.. You might have to look in the mirrors to find the depth.

  6. it's a true mirror cleverly done and a tough job it is...

  7. I'm so in awe of you, and others who've reached a bit higher with your piece than I did. Marvelous poem, bravo!

  8. I love that it starts and ends with 'yes'!

  9. I like the way you have worked with that image.

  10. Very clever and well done with the form Hank ~ Even the title is a palindrome, smiles ~

  11. You had fun with the prompt and picture...this was worth reading, twice!

  12. A little brew sure can be fun to do

  13. A brave soul, Hank, you chose one of the harder versions--the double mirror; only thing more difficult is to include the single word mirrored letters in the mix, like "X" did. I was a bit lazy it seems, but went for the cohesive message, the poetic remaining poetry even walking backward.

  14. You took it to the limits, Hank (skillfully) without compromising meaning. Bravo.

  15. A great post Hank, getting back to your post "A storm brewing" well we had an awful thunderstorm last night.

  16. (:..1..One letter.. one word.. one line.. one paragraph..
    one page.. one book.. one library..
    one Universe to view all.. one
    one all view to Universe.. one
    library one.. book one.. page one..
    paragraph one.. line one.. word one.. letter One..1..:)

  17. The turning point is my favorite:
    "yes it is
    is it yes"