Tuesday, June 23, 2015

As different as chalk and cheese

                                                                              Attribution: The Waiting by Zemotion
Image: Courtesy of MLMM (here)

A loved one gone suddenly
Crying shame to admit
A tinge of regret was apparent
For not having sacrificed time
For each other

It might not be a demise
But just gone from sight
Pangs of loneliness
Impinged hard on the soul
Emptiness impacted on the self
Self assurance departed and lost

Missing from view
Enough to trigger off the longings
A substitute might appear
To fill the gap awhile
They might be similar in demeanor
traits liking and dislikes
Superficially yes but the difference
Could be discerned

As different as chalk and cheese
Not just to the naked eyes
But more from the inner feelings

There she was waiting
Out of nowhere
Apparition-like morbid
Playing tricks on the eyes
Was she for real?
Yearnings for her
Could be cruel
Imaginations gone wild!

For Neeraj's Photo Challenge #66 at MLMM and
Vinays hosting at Prompt Each Day #23 with the
Phrase -  chalk and cheese and
Marian's at  Real Toad's Tuesday Platform


  1. Such a regret is never a good one to have linger

  2. Another one...almost as good as the other one...until the realization sets in...there is no single one. ...

  3. What an interesting title. I like it for its texture, and the thought of tasting chalk. Blech.

    As I wait by my grandmothers hospital bed to see if she regains conciousness - this is all too real.

  4. When you miss someone, you see them everywhere..

  5. like the implications in Verse1 for so often appreciation for those we interact with is just taken for granted until the regret of loss

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  6. Powerful piece Hank, regret often follows the death of a loved one the wishing we'd said or done more


  7. Regret is not a good feeling, I wish my family would read this poem.
    Wonderfully penned Hank/

  8. Love it when you go dark.. Life is full of regrets.

  9. You prove to the reader that we often fail to appreciate that/those we have, until we no longer do.

  10. Something you have to accept and expect when you are older.

  11. The loss of a loved one.. haunts our memories.. Well penned!

  12. i want to be haunted - beautifully worded.

  13. Yes-- been harboring some of these regrets. I love this title and how that idea comes up in your verse.

  14. Longing for what was and is no more is such a deeply painful reality. Letting go is a struggle, yet with it healing is possible.

  15. Wonderful culmination in last verse; to me the crux of the poem.

  16. Regret is something I am afraid to have. It does remind us that we should make more of an effort whilst we still can..