Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Used to receive the snail mail

                                                                       Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 
                                                                                          101I-134-0793-32 / Knobloch, 
                                                                                          Ludwig / CC-BY-SA
Image: Writing letters the old fashioned way (here)

Sunday Whirligig: the 11 of 12 given words:
idea, letters, mailbox, sitting, book, 
hands, walk way,records shop,run, 

Theme Thursday: the given word

Might set off for a good idea
Ought not to harbor a fear
Thoughts of hand-written letters
Extended to friends and neighbors

Used to receive the snail mail
But then email came into style
The mailbox was now pretty empty
It enhanced a sense of sobriety

Sitting with a book in the hands
Reading the old fashioned way again
One could walk to the record-shop
To enjoy a run of old tunes of sorts

Certainly a fun way to be happy
To counter the rot of being sedentary

For MMT's hosting at Sunday Whirligig #13 and
Theme Thursday


  1. Surely not like that anymore. I've seen some old record stores still open though.

  2. It's still good to recieve a letter through the post in these days of emails and text messages.

  3. Now and again I write a letter with my trusty pen and ink. It feels good. What with Kindles, Spotify, email and social media, things ain't what they used to be!