Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rivalry all having the makings of battle

Image: 1: Top of the Swing.
Hank's Acrylic Painting on Hard-board

Image: 2  The Finish.
Hank in Competition Years Ago
(Hank sports a tummy then and even now! Urrgh...)

MLMM: Tall Order for a Prompt this Week:
This week I want you to share a poem, drawing, 
story, photo, sculpture, etc that you’ve put your 
soul into creating. Something that touches on 
the deepest most vulnerable parts of yourself. 
It need not be something new or something 
created specifically for this challenge

Note to Tess: Apologies Ma'am for not using your
prompt photo

Golf Note: Hank has not been golfing lately but is taking
this as an invitation to relate back to Hank's two loves in
keeping with the prompt

One gets all eager even the night before
Somewhat akin to preparing for a journey
The bag gets a once over all accounted for
Clothes socks shoes and golf-balls all ready

Even a good night's sleep gets to be a bother
The psyche of battle gets one all worked-up
Like a life and death thing to be prepared for
Mentally provoked before reaching the Club

Rivalry all having the makings of battle
Wanting to get the better of the opponents
Stressful mental game more than physical
Golf is still though a game for gentlemen

For MLMM's Writing Prompt #110  -  Meraki
and Tess' hosting at Magpie Tales #273


  1. Well done :D Amazing it is referred to as a "Gentleman's Game!"

  2. No brute force in golf like other sports, a game that sure takes skill

  3. Even a good night's sleep gets to be a bother

    Oh, and Oh, and Oh! That's what age does to us all?! lol

  4. That is a wonderful painting Hank, your passion for golf shines


  5. mapuches from Chile play a similar game called "chueca o palín"....interesting Hank!

  6. You captured the spirit of the dedicated golfer; well done.

  7. Ha - not really into golf. You have to work harder selling it to me.

  8. one of the few games where one is really only competing with oneself....

  9. Golf balls know how the guy in the fountain feels , i think

  10. Wow, not just a walk but a grand adventure, clever response!