Friday, June 5, 2015

a variety of shapes sizes and colors.

The Hibiscus is one of a species of flowers with a variety of shapes sizes and colors. It can even be considered as a 'friendly flower' as it is typically opened up in full bloom eagerly awaiting the honey bees. It further facilitates pollination as the stamen stalk is long, the stamens are readily seen and the stigma strategically placed on top.Hank brings it out here in keeping with the Susie's theme of Floral Explosion - the variety speaks for itself.

                                              Attribution: Nvineeth
Image: 1 Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (here)
Hibiscus as one 
normally sees it as a
National Flower
(The Hibiscus is the National Flower of Malaysia)

                                                                                              Attribution: MG
Image: 2  Yellow hibiscus (here)
Seen all the year round
a flower not restricted
by the four seasons

                  Attribution: Kurt Stueber
Image:3 Hibiscus moscheuthus (here)                                                                       
Bathed the countryside
With variety of colors
Pleasing to the eyes

                                                                                     Attribution: Cereales K
Image: 4 Hibiscus syriacus (here)
Bluish with red hues
A rare find that stands out well
Typically shaped

                                                                              Attribution: Cary Bass
Image: 5 Hibiscus schizopetalus (Japanese Lantern) (here)
Japanese Lantern
Hanging as how it should be
With unique petals

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  1. Ah.. the Hibiscus.. a multi-colored flower.. of delicate beauty..
    a tropical lovely.. is sensitive.. to cold..
    and yes.. wife Katrina.. is Hibiscus
    of women.. oh.. a delicate flower..
    but OMG.. do we fight
    over a..

  2. Never knew it had so many variations at play, sure got them all with your word play

  3. I love the blooms specially the pink hibiscus ~ Thanks for joining us Hank ~

  4. Gorgeous — I didn't realise there were so many kinds.

  5. Gorgeous pictures :D Didn't know there were so many different types of hibiscus. Are all of them usable in tea?

  6. Interesting all the different varieties. I am actually more familiar with the first one, and the last two. The japanese lanterns are really cool.

  7. Wow! What a feast for eyes and this, Hank!

  8. These are a beautiful, poetic bouquet. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge!

  9. Wow! such beautiful lines for beautiful flowers, different hues.................amazing!!

  10. I would never recognize the Japanese Lantern as a member of the Hibiscus family.

  11. What a great variety of bloom. Som I have never seen before.

  12. I wasn't aware of the varieties of hibiscus - very informative and colourful!

  13. i've seen the variety of the first two...i have one in my garden which is pale orange with a brown centre...beautiful lines and images...

  14. Beautiful pics and explanation. Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)

  15. i love hibiscus - have some in my garden and yep - they're just friendly and easy to go flowers

  16. Loved this presentation :D quite an incredible write..!

  17. lovely flowers the hibiscus, I think they hold healing medicine as well.

  18. Love all the photos of the different types of hibiscus! Your haiku are lovely as well as informative!

  19. "not restricted by the four seasons". I think to live in a place where flowers bloomed year round would be amazing. But - would we soon grow bored?

  20. they are lovely, haiku and blossoms; we have a lot of them here in Trinidad, i grew up in the "then countryside" where they grew as hedges in lieu of walls and fences

    much love...

  21. I didn't know they could grow anytime. (That probably doesn't surprise you...)

  22. Lovely pictures and great words. the Japanese for hibiscus is
    Haibīsukasu and in the language of flowers in that country means...gentle. And they are - bright and cheerful but still gentle. I like the words about how they open for bees. It brings smiles. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura