Friday, September 28, 2012

A Cento

                                                           Robert W Service (1874 - 1958)
Image: From Google images

Note 1:  Sam at d’Verse hosted Form for All Collage and Art of the Cento where we are
to incorporate parts of poems of others and create one other. I had chosen  poems from Canada’s Robert W Service. I’m enthralled by his liking to maintain the end rhymes in his poems 
Note 2:  I elected to incorporate a whole stanza to alternate with mine  ( mine in italics )

Why should I be the first to fall
Of all the leaves on this old tree?
Though sadly soon I know that all
Will lose their hold and follow me
                                  (Fallen Leaves)

The realization upon hitting the ground
Bewildered all there is for one to bear
For all the love, the hurts, the frowns
Will not obliterate the will and dare

And if you've both, well then I'm sure
You ought to sing the whole day long
It doesn't matter if you're poor
With these to make divine your song
                                  (Home and Love)

And one will gladly be made aware
In line of friendship so sincere and true
Feelings of love forever to share
Discard the disdains of depressions so blue

In every throbbing vein of me
I'll feel the vast Earth-call;
O body, heart and brain of me
 Praise Him who made it all!
                        (A Rolling Stone)

Can it be extended all but with a plea
Long made before the curtain falls
Tread a little lest it should revive and flee
Shrouded and hidden a face so small

Note 4:  From his 3 poems  - Fallen Leaves, Home and Love and A Rolling Stone


  1. nice...doesn't matter if poor to make the song divine..i like..and i'm all up for singing all day...smiles

  2. Wow Hank... what a great weave. Your Autumn sounds sad and yet, it isn't at all.
    To feel alive and not have to hide our faces is everything.

  3. Well done, you've made a fine poem from your cutting and pasting.

  4. nice...i really appreciate the introduction to his work hank...i am enchanted by his end rhyme as well..but also the message is very uplifting...

    Poor materially but rich in happiness.Yes, once happy, assets can slowly build up

    Face the world with confidence. It's vital to be noticed

    Now that you've said it, cut and paste can invite copyright concerns. I dread to think when we're trying our hand at participating in a community effort but may run foul of the law


  6. BRIAN
    It's true. His poem is 'reader friendly'. That fascinates me!


  7. I love Robert Service, and this variation on the cento - alternating his stanzas, taken from different poems with yours - is unique. I'm fascinated by the possibilities of how the cento author might be able to unify work by a single author this way, as a sort of commentary on the lifework... I may try it out. See, I learned something new here! Excellent!

  8. Thanks for introducing me to his work Hank ~ Nice weaving of your lines with his work ~

  9. The rhyme was grand
    And yeah on should sing it loud in their land
    No matter what comes due
    Just go ahead on cue

  10. Hank, what a great job you did with this. I like the feeling I get from it. And I think the stanzas you wrote are as beautiful as those of your source.

  11. SAM
    Why, thank you Sam! You're not serious are you! I did it this way as I'm not familiar with poets of recent times. So the easy way out is to just pick stanzas from one (as I did) or from a few. At least I'm more focused and it makes it easier to organize them. An eminent poet as you saying you learnt something here, gosh! I feel so elated. Made my day Sam. Thank you Sir!


  12. HEAVEN
    Thank you Grace! I managed to stay focused concentrating just on one.

    Was lost for some while
    Managed to scramble back
    Now I can afford to smile
    And that's a fact!

    Why,thank you Ma'am! You really think so! I'm glad!


  13. One of my all-time favorite poets, of course, Hank.
    I love what you've done here.

  14. I loved this piece ... quite good indeed !!!

  15. KAY
    I owe it all to you Ma'am.Remember you wrote about Robert in Feb this year. I took the cue and researched further and wrote one myself. As I had mentioned to others Robert invariably maintained the end rhymes in his poems. It's a joy to read!

    Thanks, appreciate it!


  16. What a fine poem you built from these stanzas. Awesome.

  17. You approached this in a very original way, and it works really well! Thanks, Hank. k.

  18. SHERRY
    Thanks Sherry. I did it differently to focus better

    I thought it was way off tangent. But Sam approves of it. Relieved!


  19. Your stanzas and Service's flow so well together, one would think they were always together. You have captured the rhythm and flow. Nice to see a Canadian poet being referenced:)especially by a poet from another country.

  20. well you matched both.......was so happy reading it...

  21. Hi it's cento as the plural is centos. There is a word centones that refers to a patchwork of music. And I did come accross a single reference to a book of 19th century poetry titles centon but it and your title are about the only ones!

  22. You did a fantastic job combining these together and in as such, creating something truly your own. Amazing read, thanks