Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Image: A homeless
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A familiar breed making rare appearances
Akin to a hermit’s life all for a paltry existence
A slow pace nothing urgent but a rendezvous
at the kitchen and hopeful for a bowl of soup
No qualms of meeting some old friends
just as unfortunate all with their worldly possessions
close by them bidding for some help
Responsibilities diminished.

Certainty of the morrow will be another day 
just as normal without a doubt of getting still another bowl
with maybe some handouts from a benefactor
To give a boost of expectations of some kind
To soothe the soul of one of the many
An increase in number by the day
of the economically barren, the homeless

Shared with Poets United's Vice-Versa #14 with prompts of antonyms familiar/rare,diminish /increase and doubt / certainty and d'Verse's  OpenLinkNight


  1. Uncle Hank,
    Through Mama's work, I've had the privilege of meeting many of the homeless. Some are people with dignity too. However, at times we feel hopeless as the problem seems never ending. har har har *evil laughs*

  2. This is a very moving poem, Hank, as it vividly portrays what it is like to be homeless. No 'certainty of the morrow.' the numbers do seem to be increasing, sadly for all of society everywhere.

  3. A hard life and more and more are having to turn to it.
    As down the world goes into its pit.
    Sad state of affiars
    At all lairs

  4. i love your heart in this hank...it is a hard life and they are growing in numbers and will only do so more until we do something with our economy....working in the soup kitchen occassionally i see them...and hear their stories...they are not much different than us...

  5. I agree with Brian your heart is showing in this. Yes, the number of homeless just keeps growing and no, they are not so different from us. I always tell myself 'There, but for the grace of God, go I"
    Heartfelt piece of writing Hank.

  6. sadly there is an increase with more and more people losing their work and ending up on the street..a tough life...i like how sensitively you wrote about them hank

  7. You have written with a lot of heart, and the emotions pour out in your words ... good one :-)

  8. I agree, there is a lot of heart in this -- and a lot of truth.

  9. I have to echo what everyone else has said--so much heart and so much truth in this write--

  10. You wrote a very moving tribute to those who are struggling-so many, it's a constant sadness and at the same time a reminder to count the blessings. Well done.

  11. This is sad Hank ~ Alas they are growing in numbers and strength ~

    Have a good day ~

  12. Beautifully done and so true! And as far as prose poetry goes, I never doubted for a minute that this was a poem.

    Thank you for this poem and for your visits to my poetry too!

  13. So nicely done Hank. I toyed with the idea of using the antonyms, but couldn't come up with anything. Your topic and your words are such a good commentary on our homeless citizens.

  14. You got to the heart of homelessness. Such an ache.

  15. An absolute true plight, Hank.... Very good simile's and a topic well worth visiting.... and revisiting. Here in the United States, with the economic downturn, we have more abandoned homes now then homeless people.... society sometimes makes no sense what-so-ever......

  16. Love this write, Hank. A subject I am passionate about !

  17. I know some of these people, their existence often swept under the rug...many are ill; written with such undertanding.

  18. Hank, you know I write about Madison's homeless a lot, so this one grabbed me by the throat. A kind of primer for those who do not yet understand the root causes of homelessness: Unaddressed or underserved mental health needs; loss of job, which sucks anyone's pride; and lack of caring on the part of governments. People's "I've got mine" attitude does not help, either. Strong write! Amy

  19. a bowl of soup
    and something
    behind those eyes