Thursday, September 20, 2012


                                                                            Picture by SirrobO1
Image: A lone coconut on the beach
Source: Wikinedia Commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.(here)

Basking in the sun
Taking in the tan
Lying by the sea shore
Not a worry no more
The sea breeze seeks
To brush by my cheeks
Constant lashings of the waves
Slow sounds in low octaves

Not a bother in the world

Free to laze easy
Nothing near from being busy
Moments of solitude
Feelings of gratitude
No one to intrude
Heightened my mood
Easiness held sway
Alone in a good way
None that I’m seeing
Engulfed all my being

Not a bother in the world

But then where is everybody?

Written for Claudia's Meeting the Bar at d'Verse with beautiful solitude


  1. smiles...the sea is a place where i come to rest as well...with the breeze brushing cheeks, the comforting rocking of the waves..nice..

  2. The sea is an endless source of inspiration and quiet, I miss it. Thank you for bringing to mind.

  3. To be by the sea
    Getting a rest for thee
    Can be the way to be
    Except when you want one to see
    Nice rhyming as well
    Always swell

  4. nice...exactly where i would not mind being...on the shore, enjoying the waves and birds...and time to myself...i want it...smiles.

  5. fun rythme -- I wanted to be there

  6. The sea always inspires me..lovely share, Hank.

  7. Now that is one thing we both love Pareng Hank... The sea... The beach!..


  8. I live near the sea and find it wonderful to walk along an empty beach and think things over.
    Loved the read.


  9. Ah, this takes me back to the sands of Bermuda, before I had Riley, and even while I was pregnant with her. The sea, its calming, rolling rhythm. Perfect answer to the prompt, Hank. Loved it. Amy

  10. Ah the final existential question, where is everyone. A challenge to atomistic individualism .... See what happens if too much sun and sea!

  11. Sometimes it's so nice to be ...alone. :)
    But not for too long.

  12. The beach is an awesome pllace for solitude, but as you alude, company is nice too. Very entertaining write, Hank. I enjoyed it!

  13. Great escapade!! :)

  14. A wonderful place to escape to...very nice, Hank.

  15. I enjoy solitude so many of its forms, including finding it in writing. Enjoyed this. Thank you for visiting.

  16. The ending made me smile... And now I can't get the coconut out of my head! ;)

  17. Ha I think you are a people person really:)

  18. The ending made me smile, Hank. I like a lot of the lines in this, especially '...nothing near from being busy...' we carry so much around with us--it's very good not to be near it for awhile.

  19. Leaving everything else and being at the beach is a wonderful way to find solitude and feel so whole..

  20. you really created a really good mood of solitude....this is lovely and oh where is everybody?...:-)