Tuesday, September 18, 2012


                                                                        Koh Lipe Island,Thailand 

Image: Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license as extended by the author Vasco Planet World Photography through Wikipedia Commons (here)         

Secluded, untouched
Exuding bright rays of hope
Island of beauty

Adored by many
Pristine serene and misty
Far from prying eyes

Not readily seen
Just rare glimpse at the window
Smiles are luxuries

A forbidden fruit
Uppermost, Mom’s approval
A courtship of old

Note: Courtship many years ago, from a distance stealing glaces, nothing physical unlike now.

Written for Haiku Heights September Hts Day 19 P#178 and Claudia's d'Verse's OpenLinkNights week 62


  1. the inclusion of mom's approval is very interesting hank...there are days an uncharted island seems like a great idea....smiles.

  2. Enjoyed this, Hank. I agree with Brian about the inclusion of mom's approval. Actually a nice touch in this day and age.

  3. BRIAN,

    During my courtship days many years ago,society was rather conservative. Dates were frowned upon or just confined to the 4 walls of the living room. This prompt rekindled those wonderful but trying times!

    Yes, both the island and the young innocent girlfriends then!


  4. oh wow...what a beautiful place to be..

  5. So here I am..

    Love your poems, this one and the few older posts I had time to read today. I'll come back for more insyaAllah..


  6. Mom's approval, made me smile too. It wasn't such a bad thing to use good manners either.

  7. I'd like to excape there
    At least for a few days from my lair

  8. I love the way you finished this one. Brilliant!

  9. Smiles are luxuries..... Man is that ever true. "Would you like a smile with your dinner this evening Sir?" I imagine soon they will find a way to charge for it. "No I'll have the grumpy, unhappy, Dennis-the-Dentist-Santa's-Elf special tonight, with a side of snide sarcasm and just a tad bit of your total dissapointment with life's station tossed into my salad." Of course with Mom's approval! Hank you are very talented..

  10. Lovely set. I like the first best:)

  11. On the poem, Hank, it is gorgeous. On the pic, it reminds me of a place where we vacation here once a year in Oaxaca. There are still virgin beaches and it is so refreshing.


  12. I love the metaphor, Hank...glad I grew up like that to be honest. Life was so less complicated.

  13. Hank ... what a treat ... wonderfully composed set of haiku. Good job.
    PS. That picture ... wow!

  14. Interesting to use an island for courtship ~ In the old days, it mom, dad and everyone else ~

    Nice picture too ~

  15. You weave the sense of timelessness, and of older ways of life into this beach scene really well, Hank. Enjoyed it much.

  16. I want to be there, now! I really like the note about this being like courtship in the days of old. What a great comparison!

  17. You have a great variety to your haiku. I truly think the second is my favorite.

  18. thats like paradise it looks so unreal. so beautiful though so proud to be thai ;)