Friday, September 7, 2012

Current Feel

The feel is missing
To render a helping hand
A thing of the past

May  not readily
be expended by all but
only those who care

Neighbors are strangers
The rat race pushed convention
Out of the window

‘Bothering others’
‘Not their fare’, ‘loss of contact’
Likely excuses  

Written for Haiku Heights Sept Heights Day 08 P" 167 with prompt - render-


  1. it is the lack of real neighbors i find the most disturbing and the most telling of our times you know...along with it the loss of a helping hand...

  2. it is sad that rendering a helping hand seems to be a relict of the past...but sometimes you find some gems who are still willing to give a helping hand when needed

  3. Good use of the prompt here ... you have depicted the current society so well !!!

  4. Yeah it is pretty pathetic how things are
    With all relying on technology at their bar
    But then it allows us to blog
    So it doesn't leave us in such a huge fog

  5. Assalamualaikum my dear friend Hank, I know I had been on off, say this say that, hot cold hot, with my blogging to almost abusive to your welcome. I am taking in my blog private to take a real break. A break, not a break up :) My email is zoneout415 at gmail dot com. Hope to see you again soon.

  6. Hi Hank, I liked this ~~ I once read an article that said that suburbia with its garages with openers for cars was the bain of neighborness. People come home, pop open the, drive in, close the door behind them, and go their own way at home. That versus the old of parking the car, walking around to the door, stopping to chat with a neighbor who is home, going or inviting for coffee or tea instead.

    That may not be the case where you live if not in our type of suburbia.
    I like your 'Easel And Colours' blog. My favorite there is "Art" followed by the pepper pictures.

  7. sad but all too prevalent.....

  8. I get it. Everyone has a ready excuse for why they don't reach out. We used to care about others as a people. Sad to see that falling by the wayside. Good one, Hank.

  9. I could do with some real neighbours at present, life has been lonely, I enjoyed your verse always good to read.
    Great to be back.

  10. Beautifully done! Very unique. You capture the state of affairs right here in my neighborhood. I've been here 9 years now and barely know the neighbors. Although two do occasionally offer a helping hand, the other side of the street is a mystery. I am guilty, too, I fear.

  11. PS: Thank you for visiting my blog and reading "Web design" so insightfully.

  12. "loss of contact", likely excuses :) Poems can only come from true feelings and observations. And sometimes it is hard not to be truthful.