Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Born

Image: Sourced from Wikimedia Commons (here).

The day dawned early
A day earlier it had all started
She complained of searing pain
Inexperienced I could only lament
Heard say around the abdomen

Seeing it then for the first time

Twisting and turning, grimacing
Heavens dropped from the sky
This has to be it, I sighed

I stepped on the gas
As fast as I could manage
In no time she was in good hands
Snugly between the sheets
Assurance all round
the doctor, the nurse
This was quite normal,
they said in unison
Intermittent pains through the night
She took it bravely
That I could see

I got back early the next morning
She had been rolled in
I made a request to be by her side
Garbed in the hospital attire
I held her hands and waited

Immobile, manacled more or less
She could still manage a smile
Dr McCoy, eminent gynae
Kept repeating, ‘it’s ok, love
It’ll only take a minute, love
Hold  your breath, love
There you are!

A clattering of sounds followed
Scissors, stainless steel containers
Shuffles of feet
Movements of nurses
A slap on the butt
A shrill cry
Oh! such a wonderful sound

Hearing it then for the first time

What an accomplishment!
My loving wife, Shadah
My first-born, Adura a gift
A bundle of joy with blessings
from God, the AlMighty

Note: This was meant to be a reply to Mary,Serena and Brian, the early comments received  But I decided to include it here as some sort of an epilogue. There are lots to tell. It would be relevant I think to other subsequent comments as well.

"It was an experience like no other! I was told it would be good to be by Shadah's side. I was holding her right hand throughout.  Both our hands were sweaty and I was whispering lots of things which I don’t quite remember now, mostly soft prayers, barely audible. Beads of sweat slowIy appeared at the forehead and trickled down. More on my forehead than on Shadah’s!

I could sense the fright in her despite her brave attempts to smile to me. I was really glad I was there physically giving all the support. Which I thought was nothing much then ( but she later confided it meant everything to her)

I was on her side, I didn’t see what Dr McCoy was doing. I dreaded it. I thought I might faint or I might be in the way. I peeked back only to see his gloved hands stitching when it was nearly over. Phew squared!"

Written for Fred's d'Verse Poetics: First times


  1. Hank, I stand in awe. There is no greater 'first' than a birth of a child!

  2. I love the perspective of the father! This is so sweet and real.

  3. beautiful brother....was writing on another poets poem tonight our first was of the hardest most humbling moments of my finally hear his cry nearly broke me....lovely verse man...and great choice of firsts...

  4. Really nostalgic and you seemed to have a photographic memory.

  5. It was thirty three years ago when my first was born but I was there and will never forget a second of it.

  6. Yes, Hank. Me, too. Awe. You are one good man. Any woman knows that your being there DID mean everything to Shadah. A beautiful birth story. And the name Adura - "a gift". Yes. Lovely.

  7. Hank, I have been on your art blog and would like to be able to comment on individual paintings / sketches but don't seem to be able to do so. Is it just me or is there no comment form?

  8. such a wonderfully beautiful recollection of pure powerful human emotion at its ultimate. A first I've yet to experience, and only hope to do so one day. Amazing piece. Thanks so much for sharing it tonight

  9. How beautiful, Hank, what a wonderful first!
    Luv, K

  10. Wonderful and touching. Thank you for sharing this journey and experience. :)

  11. giving birth is just such a wonder and there's nothing like it that it could be compared to - you captured the magic

  12. Wow ... this one is indeed awesome :-)

  13. One of those moments that change you forever as you see your child for the first time. My wife had been whipped away for an emergency cesarean after two days of labour so I was the one to meet my son in the corridor as he was wheeled up to an observation ward to have a photo case

  14. Wonderful post Hank. when I had my children husband's was allowed to be at the birth. I know my late husband would have marvelled at seeing his babies coming into the world.


  15. I like reading it from the father's point of view...of course, your presence is very much appreciated. This is an unforgettable experience to the parents....good choice of first Hank ~

  16. This is one tremendous post and poem, easily your best yet of the ones I've read. And what a subject! And you equal to it! So clever of you to think of it (I wish I had!), and yet so obvious. Wunderbar!

  17. A memory that is never lost
    At any cost
    Can't say I can relate
    But one day maybe such a fate

  18. this is just a wonderful moment...beautiful, heart warming poem!

  19. Birth is terrifying, and yet also, everything affirmative that makes us human--I applaud the bravery of you both, and don;t think it's easy for the father to watch at all, something over which he has so little control--I love your portrait of the doctor--I've been told by medical professionals before that if it wasn't for the maternity ward, they would find it very hard to keep doing their jobs. Loved it, Hank.

  20. The first of all firsts... How can it not take your breath away? A lovely, lovely write!

  21. Lovely moving poem. I can feel you are a very contented man Hank.

    Cressida de Nova