Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Happiness is to be close to nature

Image Title: Children Look Carefully for Birds. 

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Symphony of  life
Juxtaposed of events
Most memorable

An oasis mired
in laughter, tragedy, tears
without exception

Porous, pragmatic
Testing and sensational
Ordered, disordered

Relive the trivia
Success and achievements or
shambles and mistakes

Makes life all the more
fulfilled, satisfying, have
it no other way

Written for Haiku Heights Sept Heights Day 13 P#172 with prompt - symphony-


  1. There is so much going on it the world that your haiku could fit. The innocent perspectice of children is a blessing in the midst of tears and tragedy. Well done, Hank.

  2. i love it that life has texture you downs and sideways...its not always easy but it is life...

  3. Children... the balance between hipping them to what's really going on in the world and shielding them in order to protect growing psyches. The idea of what appears to be a field trip is a wonderful way to get kids out of the classroom and "into" nature. Loved this, Hank. Peace, Amy

  4. I really loved this, couldn't sleep
    so came to catch up on my comments.
    Thanks for a good read.

  5. Thanks for your comment, I am NOT depressed about my painful shoulder so much as my two children here in the UK DON'T AND WON'T SPEAK. My daughter even got married 10 days ago without inviting me and if it were not for seeing her photo on Facebook I would not have known.
    The pain is not a little pain but I can't raise my arms to do simple tasks.
    Take care.

  6. I like these very much, especially the first two, the way you have used the third line in a kind of comment role.

  7. I like how you wove so many aspects of the symphony of life into your poem, just as notes and melodies are woven into a symphony!

  8. Yeah life is a jumble
    Can make you mumble
    And can be coy
    But for the most part we should enjoy

  9. Varied symphonic haiku nicely written.

  10. Very nice woven segments. Well done.
    Love the way the mood flickers.


  11. I can't single out the emotions here; they are beautifully etched in one small poem. Great work, Hank! :)

  12. A wonderful set of haiku...loved how you touched the reality of life...

  13. The line "with no exception" is really sticking with me. It makes me think.

  14. So profound!

  15. You covered everything! That's excellent.

  16. Amazing, isn't it what music we can hear when we rally listen..