Sunday, September 30, 2012

Micro Fiction

Image: Courtesy of Grandma's Goulash

A couple placating
their differences
up in the mountains

It could be done just as
well at home if they
cared to be more
                        (140 characters)

Micro Fiction: Grandma invites us to write on the above image together with the word placate in not more than 140 characters

Written for Grandma's Goulash through Succinctly Yours Week 80 and Poet United's Poetry Pantry #117


  1. I agree but sometimes a new scenery and background might help ~

    Happy Sunday Hank ~

  2. Yeah one just has to open their eyes a bit and see the other, instead of taking for granted all they do.

  3. interesting...i will say there are sometimes i just need to get out in the open air to really get to the heart of the matter...but there is truth there on our homes as well...

  4. Well said!! I remember one such conversation on a took me back.

  5. We were on the same track this week ... a couple trying to reconcile up on the mountain top. Good one.

  6. Wonderful story Hank, a pleasure to read.


  7. They were sincere, Hank. No way I'd go up there just to please someone.

  8. Great! I love brevity and someone who can paint a whole picture in few words has quite a lot of talent.

  9. Sometimes getting away from it all is the perfect way to clear the air.

  10. ..... more accommodating
    instead of jumping
    down the cliff ...

    That is my free style, Hank!

  11. Hank, 140 characters? Really? That would drive me nuts, and yet here you create an unforced, beautiful meditation on the "meeting of minds." Goes well with image...

    I'm back from BSOD hell, computer in shop for days, so I haven't been around. So glad my "Sadie" is home and chugging along!

    Great stuff, Hank. Peace, Amy

  12. Ha..don't plates to destroy if an altercation occurs:)

  13. Well done. I'd vote for home too. It may have more distractions, but I'd prefer not to argue with anyone, while standing that close to the edge. :D

  14. There is a lot of story in this piece--made me smile---

  15. a change of venue and a different ambiance sometimes helps, it works for me. wink* good take on this.