Monday, September 17, 2012

Life's Good

Image: Sourced from Wikimedia Commons
Released through licence by the author Americo Nunes (here)

Welcoming a day of tolerance
We are fortunate to be blessed
From morning till night
A little while a little while
None that we crave
For we found credence in
Little things we do
That spread the message
Most often ignored
Or just missed
Tossed by the wayside

Why must it escape us
A hidden power imposing
A will of constraints impacting
Bad Feng Shui afflicting our being?

No, rise to the occasion
Life is a constant struggle 
Do good, make good
We pave the way
For our own destiny
Others are none the wiser

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  1. Yeah even the crap
    One can get through and fill the crap
    With a little good will
    But even if it fits the bill
    Some just don't see
    And are too far up with their ego stuck in a tree
    And first
    With my burst

  2. Oh that more of the world would have a day of tolerance. Nice work!

  3. PAT
    There are definitely gaps in between
    Such constraints as not all will win
    Those higher ups can have a ball
    Higher they go the harder they fall
    First again yet another success
    Rhyming and winning at your best

    If only it can happen, yes!


  4. nice...i only wish that kind of compassion was contageous....tolerance, but even further to loving one another for who we are....

  5. tolerance for others can often lead to tolerance for ourselves---great write!

  6. I love your wisdom, and your positive message. Awesome, Hank.

  7. Beautiful .... I love the music in your words !!!

  8. Wonderful words Hank, thanks for sharing.


  9. Yes, Hank, we DO pave our own way. We are so very much in charge of our own destiny.

  10. I like that paving our way, day by day ~ Happy day Hank ~

  11. I remember being told that 'life is suffering'...Not if we can help it, and I think we can!

  12. I love this again Pare!.. Esp the last stanza...

    Pareng JJ

  13. Excellent poem as we move toward the day of peace.

  14. You poem is a tall order to fill. Sometimes we slip through the tiny gaps. Nice work.


  15. Celebrating life and acceptance, embracing the world! Wish more folks danced like the image you present, Hank. Love it, love it! Amy

  16. I'm liking the way you handled the little thing we do, Hank.

    Jim's OSI [2nd]