Sunday, September 9, 2012


                                                        Breakfast, 1921 by Fernand Leger
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Breakfast in bed
Is it a fad or am I misled
Heard it been said
Supposedly a privilege
A special occasion
Accorded to a person

But it is the first meal
Ought to have appeal
To enjoy at a leisurely pace
Sitting at a table with grace
No danger of spillage
The posture is well placed

Would rather learn
For one who had earned
To respect food
To eat and feel good
Healthy and wise
For a meal that’s nice

Written for Tess' Magpie #134


  1. I have to agree
    Breakfast in bed isn't for me
    Have to sit all dumb
    Just to stop a crumb
    Would rather be at the table
    Then follow some breakfast in bed fable

  2. Lovely... I guess we do slump over when having breakfast in bed.

  3. i agree it should have a leisurely pace...breakfast in bed is a special thing to serve someone that way by getting up early and preparing and bringing it to them...

  4. I have always thought of breakfast in bed as being spoiled. It's like someone else is looking after the responsibilities. I love your words,"Sitting at the table with grace"... This is beautiful, Hank. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I see the image you are painting and like it, though I have rarely achieved it.

  6. Great to read , breakfast in bed is a thing of the past for me , when my husband was alive most Sundays I got spoilt.

  7. Breakfast in bed- what a luxury!
    But sitting at a table with lovingly made eggs is a pleasure too!

  8. The first meal ought to have appeal - very true...

  9. Breakfast in bed ... and something delicious ... reminds me of a dreamy Sunday :-)

  10. I think I must treat myself to breakfast in bed tomorrow!

  11. I think I would reconsider breakfast with more interest if it were in bed....very nice....hummmmm

  12. I've never found breakfast in bed appealing either!

  13. Coffee spills and muffin crumbs .. do not make for a comfy bed!

    I enjoyed this!!

  14. LOL! Breakfast in bed means crumbs and spilled juice in bed. Not for me. :)

  15. Can't agree. Sorry, but I would hate breakfast in bed. No doubt due to too many meals in bed as a child - due to illness. Enjoyed the poem, though. The one must not detract from the other!

  16. I'm probably a bad mom because I wake my child each school morning to her breakfast tray in bed. But it does seem to expedite the readiness proceedings.

    I agree with you, eating at the table is a graceful thing.

    And such an awesome abstract painting!

  17. Oh, I forgot... xoxo


    And have an AWESOME day, Hank, but I know you will because you are YOU!

  18. Good on ya, Hank, this was a lot of fun, cheers

  19. Well, I don't know. I think I would appreciate coffee in bed, then breakfast at a nice table. Eating in bed gets too messy. Cute poem Hank.

  20. Crumbs in the bed, ugh! I think the idea of breakfast in bed is lovely, but not practical at all. Enjoyable poem, Hank.


  21. Love this..tomorrow, a tray, the same old stuff, maybe tastes different in bed...we'll see!

  22. You make it sound so delicious... while the hard reality is bread crumbs everywhere and spilled coffee! LOL

  23. nicely done.....thanks for your words

  24. Lovely poem, and so right. Breakfast is our most important meal of the day they say!

  25. of course! who could eat slurpy pancakes over fresh sheets? :^)

    i see you rhyme;
    all of the time?
    i do too
    the the right words ensue.

    nice to meet you. :^)

  26. Breakfast is and will be a great start to the day, and this is too

  27. Breakfast in bed is not for me - but your poem is!

    Anna :o]

  28. i love the thought. but i still prefer to have meals on the table. besides i am so clumsy. and my sheets, no spill... it would ruin my day... hahaha...


  29. Every Mother's Day my kids prepare a breakfast for me in bed. I really don't like eating in bed ... it's hard to sit and do it properly, I think. But the TV watching in the morning once a year.... I LOVE! (but I won't tell my children that is my favorite part ;)