Saturday, September 22, 2012


 Image:1 Norman the budding artist
 Image:2 Hawkeye a superhero creation
Image:2 Another one, Captain America
Process Note: Norman, my grandson likes to sketch. He has good sense of the basics. He hopes to 'promote' himself towards using colors more, forthwith.

It started just naturally
with scraps of papers aplenty
the back portion of lined notebooks
and also proper drawing blocks

At his own pace he toys around 
A pencil in his hand all the time.
Use the drawing block I used to tell him 
Not to sketch on both sides to organize better
To have them framed would be easier
Kids being kids they treasure
Their freedom of choice
To be creative is not to be forced
His ‘repertoire’ comprises superheroes
And I never will try otherwise to impose 

The unexpected came by early this month
I decided to isolate my sketches in one blog
separate from poetry so as to be more focused (here)

The unexpected for Norman was a few days ago
when  I collected whatever scraps with his sketches
In my dormant blog had them posted (here)

He was thrilled!

I told Norman both of us are now expected
to chalk up the numbers and produce more sketches
He was in total agreement

I am thrilled!

Written for Karin's Unexpected Poetics at d'Verse and Poets United's Poetry Pantry #116


  1. Wow those sketches were really well done
    Looks like you have some competition under your sun
    With my burst

  2. First of all, what a handsome grandson you have. Secondly, his drawings are GOOD! If he keeps it up, perhaps he can go into computer graphics for a Wii game or something. I am going to take a look at YOUR sketches too, Hank!!

  3. that is son loves to draw as well..and def promote it to him, creativity is great for kids and he is def an artist...great sketches!!!

  4. He has a great talent ~ Cheers to him for drawing what he likes, and to you for encouraging and posting it ~

  5. I bet he was surprised! Those are good--I especially like the ones drawn in the lined exercise book--lots of movement and some challenging poses. I love your artwork as well, Hank. You should definitely do more of it.

  6. Wonderful! Such talent. Definitely encourage him. Nice post, Hank!

  7. Super charming, Hank! The art work of both of you is a lot of fun. And what a great thing to share. Thanks much for an unexpected pleasure. k.

  8. very cool...on my way over to check them out...

  9. Excellent sketches Hank also great words.


  10. Lovely sketches there ... he sure is a budding artist :-)

  11. Your grandson is very handsome!
    He's also a good artist.
    It's lovely to see you encourage him.

  12. Talented boy.You are a proud Grandpa...nice!

  13. One of those small surprises you always remember

  14. Budding artist in the family, grandad rocks too.. it's really wonderful to give him the 'space' to groom his talents. InsyaAllah he'll go far..

  15. He is very talented, and your acknowledgment will likely live within him forever. You are nurturing his gift so wisely.

  16. You are good grandfather for sure Hank and my best wishes for dear Norman.kudos to both.

  17. Norman is quite the artist! A wonderful poem and it brought back memories of my sister and I drawing together. Loved this :-)

  18. Norman is very talented...I hope he'll continue on with his art (if he wants to, of course). And what a perceptive grandfather you are to encourage him but not push your ways on him. Very nice, Hank...and, oh, he's quite a handsome young man too.

  19. Delightful! And you must be so proud of him.

  20. Wow, what a great little piece of unexpected! He definitely has some talent!