Friday, September 14, 2012


                                         "The Politicians' Serpents Tempting Our Democratic Eve".
Image:  Front page political cartoon, "The Mascot", New Orleans, 9 July 1887. 
(This media file is in the public domain where the copyright has expired)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

What likely caused the
figment of imagining
that God’s creation

of Woman as Man’s
companion was not a
stimuli on Man

to endeavor his
efforts just to please Woman
and in so doing

it evoked the ills 
of Mankind to spawn conflicts
that thrived since then?

Note: An all endearing question written in haiku form. Looks like haiku,sounds like haiku must it necessarily be accepted as haiku?

Written for Haiku Heights’s Sept Heights Day 15 P# 174 with prompt -creation-


  1. Oh, my... The creation of the battle of the sexes... Good one.

  2. Very good question and very well put. I enjoyed your haiku today.

  3. Yeah a question so old
    That man surely made take hold
    Always will be a battle too
    But who knows what is true

  4. i go with Pattiken! nice write pare!

    Pareng JJ

  5. gas and fire....boom...from the dawn of creation...but then again it has worked out quite well on some aspects...smiles.

  6. Well written ... i loved the way you talk about conflict !!!

  7. And the battle between the sexes continues. Good one Kaykuala.

  8. The battle is still on...very well written

  9. have created something wonderful..for me, it's a haiku...


  10. A unique take on the prompt. The battle of the sexes, around from the dawn of humanity . . . I enjoyed this one.

  11. Hank, you are a brave man.
    Is it a battle? Sure feels like it sometimes. maybe it is guerrilla warfare because it seems to have more than its fair share of suicide bombers!
    I don't know about the haiku. As I understand haiku, perhaps the last line could be "that thrived since then." Here we remove the excess syllable. I am open to correction here.

  12. This made me smile. Will the battle ever end? Secretly, I hope no side wins, but that we just blend.

  13. Stafford,
    You rightly considered 'thrived' being of 2 syllables. Have corrected it. Looks better now. Thanks a lot!


  14. Wonderful question! I enjoyed this one.