Monday, November 3, 2014

Without batting an eye-lid!

                                                                                           Attribution: Dick Blick Art
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag (here)

The given words from lqw Wordle:
bat  wail  ghoul ogre  zombie  werewolf  succubus

Without batting an eye-lid
The soldiers can advance at a leisurely pace
Despite long piercing wails in the distance
The desolation on the ground forgotten

Stepping over burnt out stumps
Not really looking down
Not thinking of ghoulish souls
who succumbed from sniper’s bullets
or later from the inferno that engulfed them
And the curse of chemical weapons that followed

The soldiers advanced real slow
Everything in its wake destroyed
The townspeople perished where they stood
All those who died never had a chance

The ogre like spectacle would
ultimately appear as long-haired zombies
Bent on avenging their painful demise
when their skins melted like liquid glue
Slowly tugging on them to wrest away
what little life there was still
clinging on their being

They could choose to  reappear as a
transformed werewolf with long trailing hair
and sharp twin canine teeth protruding
at each corner of their mouth

Or better yet the young maidens who had missed
all the fun now return as the sex-crazed succubus
getting on to the able-bodied handsome hulks at will

You soldiers will not stand a chance
You’ll be pulverized
ravished like virgins by the spirits
Even armed with a gun you are
finished what more with flowers
and leaves thinking these
are enough to win them over

They are now spirits and you are now vulnerable!

For Tess' Magpie Tales # 244
Poets United's Poetry Pantry #225 and
lqw Wordle week #9


  1. Wow Hank ....seems to be coming true with half the western world addicted to meth ..are we intent as a species on descending back down to the basal ganglia ...perhaps in a few generations we will look like wolves again ??

  2. Most interesting to read, Excellent write Hank.

  3. First have to say thank you for joining up lqw wordle... the link-up is available now. Very well tied to the the picture.. the horrors of war .. very good use of the words

  4. you had a feast with the words amazing poem here :)

  5. have created quite the world man....would have been perfect for halloween...

    1. Thanks Brian! There was a cross-line apparently!


  6. Yeah people think war is so great and so honorable and this and that, but in the end every side goes the same way, in the ground.

  7. Wow, that was really creative! You tied in so many elements.

  8. This is another of your creative responses, fitting in every word, and based in crossing life's turns as it surely travels day after day, leaving us vulnerable in so many ways.

  9. The foolish aside of war, quite apt, wow what deep contemplation

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime, have a good week

    Much love...

  10. It's good when we able to choose....

  11. this is sends a chill down the spine, life is not all flesh and blood.

    1. This reads like a super-cool novella or screenplay! Well done, my friend!

  12. You threw everything in that one, nice

  13. A Halloween style tale. What a world built in a few short lines.

  14. The spirits of soldiers must be happy now that they don't have to kill people.

  15. I like dark writes! A very good ghost story!