Sunday, November 16, 2014

That is all that he had asked for

                                                                                                 Attribution: cyclonebill
Image: Toasted rye bread with smoked 
potatoes, mayonnaise and chives (here)

The given words:
lingering toasty palate fresh hints
sex tends subtle mix yields soul

The lingering toasty taste of a
simple toast on his palate
That is all that he had asked for

Fresh from being rescued
from the jaws of death
when he was found in the alley

That was the last he remembered
when he was  on the way
back to his hotel

With no hints of the impending
mayhem he was caught in the
cross-fire between rival gangs
This was their fight for territorial rights
to control the booze and sex trade

It tended to be a subtle mix 
They were providing a relationship
to that of providing a service
It was creating a business with
yields far beyond the related risks
with law enforcement

Even though he was knocked
senseless he overheard their debates
now stored in his subconscious

Should he tell the police of their
plans or keep silent to cover his butt
In his sorry state of soul searching
he was still debating!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl #187 and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #227


  1. ouch...sorry state indeed...what place this world has become..dark & scary

  2. A debate that may not be easy to wrestle with for many

  3. Poor thing. Such a scary world. :(

  4. A scary poem brilliantly written, hope he makes the right decision.

  5. random and distant imagery, but very skillfully woven.

  6. the dilemma of the soul, well captured.

  7. Indeed.. self of or the greater good.. but hopefully there will be a great solution.

  8. What an enigma. A difficult decision to make, but hopefully he will make the 'right' one.

  9. Well, I started off thinking what a cool sandwich that was, and you led me deep into the dark side of life - well told, Hank.........and a difficult situation for him to be in.

  10. What a scary situation . . . not sure what decision I would make in his shoes.

  11. There are places one shouldn't walk at night. However the recovery treatment of the comfort food after seems the right medicine.

  12. Hank,

    It seems that he was lucky to recall anything after his brush with death and badness.Silence might be his best friend in that situation...


  13. After such a narrow escape, it is a hard decision to make! I like the idea of the comforting sandwich.

  14. You wove a good story with the prompt, Hank...a bit unnerving though;)

  15. Great poem; miserable circumstance.

  16. This makes me think how easily one may stumble on criminal activity while minding one's own business.

  17. What a dilemma he found himself in, wishing so little what a mess he ended with, poor guy

    thanks for linking in to my Sunday Lime

    Much love...

  18. not a great position to find oneself. Ive just been working on my noir series so I caught the feel in this - very good work Hank. How's your art btw?
    Have a great week :)

    1. Not been that active Ma'am. Got to rekindle as a New Year Resolution I should think. Thanks Moonie!


  19. Wow, Hank. Food meets the dark side. Love it!

  20. I'd sure hate to be in his shoes. But i hope at least his palate gets some comfort. Good story Hank.

  21. i have to hand it to you Hank. you took some random words and weaved them into this poem about that dangerous and forbidden world. kudos to you genius!!!

  22. ah, a reminder of the dark corners that most would rather run from that try to illuminate!

  23. Now this is an interesting story ... the victim in the end not such a victim at all .. liked your well well-written story, I do so like surprise endings.