Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To extend fellowship for sake of the other

                                                                                      Attribution: Mindlovemisery's
Image: Courtesy of Mindlovemisery's (here)

In the midst of the cold and misty morning
Still retaining tenaciously the orange hues
Likeness of golden Autumn less the shine
Shivering harboring beads of morning dew

Insisting on nearness to savor the warmth
Of togetherness reliving memories of old
Of days gone by but still fresh of moments
To cherish together steadfast within the fold

Relentlessly the years seem fast moving
A couple holding hands humming in unison
Thoughts of precious moments of sharing
Tugs the conscience at signs of disagreements

Being together sacrificing one’s comforts
To extend fellowship for sake of the other
The best there is for happiness without efforts
Certainly a convenient and accepted formula

For MindloveMisery's Menagerie Photo
Challenge #35 -  flowers in the snow


  1. We could learn a lot from the tenacity of this bloom...beautifully written as always Hank!

  2. Oh how beautiful this piece Hank, whenever I see an old couple walking hand in hand I tear up a bit, I am a hopeless romantic

  3. Through lifes ups and downs and still as one, few ever make it that far.

  4. This one flows really well, Hank.
    That's a good, solid relationship there.

  5. A beautiful poem Hank, wonderful to read.

  6. Growing old together, sharing each other's cares... I'm blessed to have this. Nicely, Hank

  7. This IS beautiful, Hank, and so nice to read of couples growing old together.