Sunday, November 30, 2014

jugular core of business acumen and ethics

Image:  Picture prompt Courtesy of
Mindlovemisery's  (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle
The given words:
able breeze scattered gaze plain 
bent  splendor gathering rattle 
harvest skin secular 

Looking at the illusion and to be able to 
breeze through a scattered gaze is plain 
to the eye but difficult  to fathom

Won the Korean currency is bent to gain 
international splendor upon a gathering
of strength befitting the hardy and hard-
working fervor of its people

It is beginning to rattle other growing 
economies through its ability to harness
and harvest the benefits of international 
commerce.They penetrate right through
the skin to lodge in to the secular and
jugular core of business acumen and ethics. 

They got over the stigma of inferior quality 
of products and are now worthy  successors 
to the Japanese who have lately sagged and 
lagged behind in their competitive advantage 
and are instead trailing from the rear

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie with
the picture prompt # 83 and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry
# 229 and Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #189


  1. The economic tide has shifted for Korea with the increase in quality.

  2. That is the world of currency, it can go up and down on a whim. Things are shifting

  3. The economy is a dynamic phenomena, and what lags behind may come forth anytime to lead. An interesting read. And I also liked the thought as depicted in the image. :-)

  4. Life is an illusion and dreams are the perfect example of such an illusion but of course we should never lose touch with reality.

  5. I agree with Anmol! Great job Hank =)

  6. those on top will soon find the bottom...the economy has a mind of its own...all it takes is one invention and it will flip...of course oil always dictates as well...and water may soon....

  7. Wow, Hank to your knowledge of international commerce! ;) ~ Cool take on prompts, one of them - a new for me, ths.

  8. This is filled with riches and wonderful phrases. Very nice, Hank

  9. Interesting, Hank, and yes, you do know your international commerce!

  10. I too found this to be very interesting Hank---the world economy seems to shift pretty rapidly these days

  11. Very clever...beautifully penned with logic as a connoisseur of international why can't economy books be as pleasant a read?

  12. shifting swiftly indeed, always changing, always on the run.

  13. It's hard to stay on top.... Well, you know what I mean.

  14. If we really stop to consider all the illusions to which we subscribe, I think we would be destroyed. But they must be acknowledged--one at a time--for us to become really whole. Thought-provoking, Hank.

  15. Those behind it all.. there might be someone there to gain on this.. still at the end it has consequences...

  16. Very interesting to start with an illusion before talking about economics.

  17. I found several definitions of won, yuan being one. I like how you took the strength of the word in a completely different direction.

    Nicely done.

  18. riding the crest and then falling down...this is the cycle of life...nicely done Hank :)

  19. Relax all you poets, your thoughts and dreams will always have a strong currency.

  20. Excellent take on this prompt Hank and some important points made. Well done.

  21. international commerce... I'm just happy when my checkbook almost balances.

  22. Good for Korea. International commerce is like the tide isn't it or shifting sands...

  23. Very thought-provoking! The economy has become so fickle, there is no steady ground for our feet to rest.