Sunday, November 9, 2014

That all will turn out nice and well?

                                                                                 Attribution: Karlis Dambrans
Image: The Ubiquitous Smartphone (here)

Sunday Whirl's given words:
fervor thread mud thorns shine suicide
rose crocus birds crossroads owl night
MlmM's:  unforgiven

It is with such fervor that friendly
discussions are sustained in sequential
threads that one can enjoy continuity
of facebook and more so in cell phone

Mindful though of the mud
flung or sharp remarks like thorns
piercing to take the shine off
such current conveniences

It is also plain suicide to innocently
post revealing selfies under the false
impression others appreciate one’s 
charms as a red rose crocus yellow or 
birds of many colors

Youngsters are at the  crossroads
It is just unforgiven to think that
all will turn out nice and well not
forgetting it can turn owlish coupled
with sleepless nights if such personal  
matters get  into the wrong hands

For Brenda's hosting at  Sunday Whirl's Wordle #186
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry # 226
and Mindlovemisery's Menagerie #80 


  1. A very rightful point brht up here. In these days of information technology nothing is left personal now.

  2. I'll never understand the selfies. Seems self-absorbing.

  3. Thought-provoking.... interesting poem.

  4. Nice bit of writing, Hank. As for selfies, I read the other day that group selfies are called usies. Made me smile.

  5. Communication is definitely different in this age of cell phones. Selfies really have turned into quite an art form.

  6. Good conversations can turn ugly fast on the internet and yeah selfies just seem dumb

  7. Yes,,, we need to understand the consequences.. all is in the open and anyone can listen.

  8. Yes there's something to be said for maintaining some secrets

  9. good cautionary details but youngsters won't pay heed...sigh...

  10. Wise words, Hank, a good message in this poem. I am impressed with the look of the smart phone. Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to figure out how to use one. My family has banned me from cell phones, hee hee.

  11. i think that each kid needs a good training about social media, about the nice things and about the dangers... the internet forgets nothing..ugh...

  12. Wise pointers, Kaykuala...!! Wonder, where its going to take the kids to...eventually! sigh!

  13. You are so right, Hank! I believe too many kids do not quite understand about privacy and settings. Besides they often think that having lots of friends is a good sign and end up posting far too much about themselves.

  14. Wonderful internet commentary in poetry form.

  15. Its the young who has the most for need for selfies and constant communication ~ Deceits and lies are part of the conversations, we just have to be aware of that ~

  16. facts nicely pointed out for youths today...faced with so much in social networking beyond their control too many times. Beautifully written about realities today.

  17. The mode of conversation has changed greatly and pictures I guess tell their stories. I wonder why kids just can't talk to each other anymore.

  18. i so agree ... But having so much fun

  19. Great read, thought provoking and excellently written all in one post.

  20. well done piece.
    i like the tone/voice as well as the message.

  21. Ha! have just been watching a session of Q&A in which the harmful effects of social media were discussed. You brought the words in cleverly. :)

  22. You make some very good points here people, facebook is not exactly a private forum and things has a way of spreading

  23. Well done with those words...impressive :-)

  24. Yep, in wrong hands it can turn in distraction... ~ Nice work with words!

  25. I will never post a revealing selfie!

  26. Hank, isn't it the truth. We are a technology world now. In some ways it is good and in other ways, I find it annoying. Well done.