Sunday, November 9, 2014

I've known him that long to fall for it!

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Bjorn's given words:
skyclad  -  the practice of ritual nudity in Neopaganism
cotyledon  - first leaves to appear from a germinating seed.
myg  -  Myg of the planet Lythyl is a fictional superhero  
boutonniere  -  a spray of flowers worn in a buttonhole.
pone -  unleavened maize bread 
dram  - a small drink of whisky or other spirits:
phonograph -  a gramophone (given word ponograph
could not be found and substituted with phonograph)

   “Make no mistake it is not my nature
to be caught skyclad in the buff in the open

       I'm clad in the Stars and Stripes 
today prompted by strong patriotism 
    on this auspicious Veterans Day

     It might appear flimsy and loosely 
draped over my olive smooth and perfumed 
skin.  I would love to throw open emulating a 
cotyledon and surprise everyone and you’ll 
                  ogle all you want

     For I am fully clothed under these wraps 
in hotpants. But still it’ll leave some of the DOM 
panting salivating at the mouth. No, I’ll not do that
            for the veteran’s sake but just stay 
                 home in quiet anticipation

      I’m waiting for my Myg who is normally 
formally dressed complete with a boutonniere but
      not for long when I’m through with him

     Instead we’ll have a few drams to liven up 
things just a little and skipping the pone for later.

      There’ll be soft jazz in the background, no not
 from the phonograph which is just for show but the 
real thing to set him up. If you detect an evil smile in 
     me it is because I’m a vixen going for the kill!

       He’ll fall for it I've known him that long to fall 
for it. After all it had been 48 hours since we’ve first 
                met and that’s long enough!"

For Bjorn's Weekly lqw Wordle #10
Tess' Magpie Tales # 245 and
Magaly's Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. 48 hours is long enough :)
    Great expression. I thought on similar lines too :)

  2. Interesting take - some nice lines too - skyclad in the buff - a good turn of phrase.

  3. Most interesting Hank. Good read and written well.

  4. 48 hours is enough time for somethings

  5. haha much can happen in the buff, 48 hours plenty of time

  6. Hank, this is superb! I like the glory within her story! Do tell!

  7. interesting...yes!

  8. Giggle...I like that you gave her hot pants underneath...

  9. Still I'd prefer The skyclad version :-) ponograph does exist and is an instrument that measures pain ;-)

    1. Thanks Bjorn. Somehow I missed this in the on-line dictionary I accessed ! It is very relevant if included


  10. I really liked "skyclad in the buff."

  11. I'm with Sherry, "skyclad in the buff" made me grin.

    And "fully clothed under these wraps
    in hotpants" left me thinking.

  12. I like that you've given her some grace, beneath ~