Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A foodie enjoys it all!

                                                                              Artist: Jan Davidsz de Heem
Image: With A Glass And Oysters

Red Wolf Poems: Still life image above
3WW  the given words:
crucial yearning malignant 
Poetry Jam: dream 
d'Verse: Poetics: Food for thought

There he is he had readied himself
A perfect stance to experience the ultimate
Earlier on a Dutch friend had shown him

Pick a good one and roll it on cut onions
That he was told
Hold it by the tail and looking up
Raise it above the nose
Slowly lower it to an open mouth
It is crucial to keep still
And that’s it!
Just take little bites
Until you bave gulped all
That’s how you take herring
Raw herring!

Of course, you could have them
cut into little pieces
Served on a plate atop the cut onions
But that defeats the whole purpose
Raw herring ought to be taken standing up
That’s where all the fun is!

A yearning for things raw and edible!

Done sushi before which
comprised raw edibles too
But it gets to be too much glutinous rice
One gets full in no time
So oysters are just perfect
To be slurped down with a silent ‘swoosh’
How so smooth it goes down the throat

A foodie enjoys it all!
It is a dream!

But wait up!
Be mindful though
Eating raw invites some risks
Tiny worms remain malignant
in the system
Die-hard sushi lovers are known
to be carriers of such parasites!

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  1. I like raw veg. But raw animals... not so much.
    I did however - eat up you delightful verse!
    Cheers, Jules.

  2. Not fond of oysters even cooked. But, you've done a lovely job of describing them- up till the worms :)

  3. Yep, you can keep the raw, no more worms for me thank you lol

  4. food and dreams perfect match, keeps hope alive.

  5. Don't like oysters and as for worms!!!!!!!
    Great write all the same Hank.

  6. ha - def. that is the way to eat raw herring....hmmm... and yes - with all raw things there is a certain risk.. you need to be sure it's fresh.... i just love sushi...

  7. I'm not a fan of sushi, but I enjoyed reading this poem

  8. Poem in word - yes. Contents in real life - no.
    Thanks for sharing the poem... not the food! Ha!

  9. I'm not a foodie then because I like my meat cooked. Wait, that sounds bad...

  10. I could feel your enjoyment of the foods in this. I remember the herring thing from when we lived in the Netherlands and their was quite a ritual involved in the eating. Never could stomach the idea myself but I know many do love this. I smiled at your cautionary bit at the end.

    1. This experience was in Holland yes! It can be done at one of the many kiosks that dotted streets and canals. Hank visited Holland for a few months a long time ago. Herring was such a novelty! Thanks Peggy!


  11. you shared the experience with me - delicious!

  12. since i'm not too much into the raw excep for fruit and some veggies, all i can say is how brave such are

    much love

  13. Touche! what a climax....

    Ah! I am not a big fan of sushi- but how you build and progress your piece is absolutely lovable and enjoyable.

  14. I my veggies raw but no raw fish for me.

  15. that was supposed to say I like my veggies raw but no raw fish for me .Love your poem

  16. Ha .. I prefer my herring marinated... salted and eaten.. but that's a perfect treat.

  17. Well, I will pass on any flesh raw or underdone. Only raw I enjoy is vegetables. Glad to see you at poetry jam.....dreaming away about well cooked food. Smiles.

  18. Worse than raw herring is fermented herring. Apparently it has an awful smell but for some it is a treat, not my dream however.

  19. ha...only raw fruit for me...and how clever of you Hank combining three prompts so tastefully...smiles

  20. Sounds like you do definitely enjoy them, Hank!

  21. An interesting take on the prompt - raw food is definitely not my thing.

  22. Not a fan of raw but I liked how you used the words.

  23. humans have learned to cook food then why eat raw, but a nice piece to read

    Let Children Be Children

  24. I take raw food selectively. And I'm a fan of sushi.

  25. Very right. We have to beware of the problems :)
    Foodie loves all types of food!

  26. Hank,

    Each to their own, with all kinds of dreams and subjects..Food does have an importance in some minds after perhaps an evening of fine dining!!
    A feast of well selected words Hank:)


  27. Hmmm, what looks wholesome and what tastes good may still hide a sleeping worm... Just like dreams that can start pleasant and end up as nightmares.