Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life was destined to progress

                                                                                      Attribution: Jonathan Billinger
Image: Moss and lichen on Granite (here)

Bjorn’s given words:
frangipani  -  flowering plants primarily deciduous
silurian - geologic period typified by beginnings of
life on land with appearance of moss and lichens
inchor -  fluid flowing in the veins of the gods.
mikado -  monarch in Japan's constitutional monarchy
mise -  a legal proceeding upon a writ of right
oscine -  songbirds with highly developed vocal organs.

Never one to anticipate
Of a spectacle unduly common
Greenery as far as the eyes
Could see
A sea of frangipani
That bathed the landscape

A far cry from the beginnings
From  the Silurian age
When life on earth bore
No complications

Life forms had just made appearances
Of simple moss and lichens
Perhaps the blessings of the gods
With inchor of golden fluid
Flowing glowingly in their veins
And just as blue blood
That had taken refuge in the
Mikado’s regal being
No mise of any kind to stifle
The orderly cycle of life on earth

Even with oscine creatures
Extending a hand
With a handy rendition  of sweet
Evergreen melodies
Life was destined to progress
Through the Ages

For Bjorn's word games at #lqw Wordle #12


  1. Now those were some challenging words! But you pulled it off well.

  2. Yes Hank you certainly made a good job of those words, well done.

  3. Yes Hank you certainly made a good job of those words, well done.

  4. Great job indeed, life sure finds a way just as you do wit the words that come due

  5. it is pretty cool, the resilience of life...and the moss makes such cool patterns on the rocks as well....

  6. This was very powerful, and you pulled your word challenge to a successful close!

  7. so beautiful, would love to swim with clouds!!

  8. wonderful use of the words... (psst a new one is up)