Saturday, November 29, 2014

West Virginia missed her son

                                                                              Attribution: ABC Television
Image: TV Grab of  'An Evening with John Denver' (here)

Note: West Virginia is taken as a cue from his song
Country Road. In fact John Denver lived much of his
life in Aspen, Colorado. The Colorado state legislature
even adopted "Rocky Mountain High" as one of its
state songs in 2007  -  Wiki

A shadorma
a non-rhyming six-line poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables
(inspired by John Denver’s song, Country Road)

Country road
Memories of old
Snuffed his soul
West Virginia missed her son
Sweet shrill voice no more

The sedoka
a non rhyming six line poem of  5/7/7/ 5/7/7 syllables
(often used for writing love poetry)

Memories of her
Will forever haunt his being
Cause of parting so trivial

Autumn leaves drift down
Like young lovers in a spat
Warmth of ground ushers amends

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  1. Both were grand, now I have that song stuck in my head lol

  2. that second one is full of emotion and loss...
    the first thought made me smile though....there was a band at the race the other day playing 'rocky top' and then they went into 'country roads'
    ha. made me smile as i passed that corner....

    1. Both are sentimental and nostalgic. Thanks Brian!


  3. Your poems convey a lot of emotions. Nostalgia is very palpable in both.

  4. Oh, how I used to enjoy the music of John Denver.....and your second one really conveys a lot of emotion.

  5. Thanks Hank for both the poems ... the sedoka you've painted is very sharp and a beautiful tribute for John Denver ...

    That particular song says America to me, whether WV or Colorado ... each time I hear it I just feel the country roads with an acute nostalgia.

  6. True and full of emotions! Beautiful!

  7. John Denver was truly a unique musician that brought so much meaning to his lyrics and music he shared with so many folks when i was younger.. and still does of course.. in the halls of youtube.. too..

    You capture part of his soul here in your words.. and i thank you for that as i do have so many fond memories of his music and even the movies he was in like the one with George Burns named GOD something or other that does not come to my mind at this point in time...with something about holding up signs that just say BE HAPPY.. YES THOSE Country Roads were and ARE still happy roads...:)

  8. Lovely Hank John Denver is a singer and person we all miss. Lovely tribute.

  9. Lovely tribute.. So nice to see his life condensed in so few words.

  10. Lovely sharply crafted but tender pieces - I especially enjoyed these three lines, which are simply terrific:

    "Autumn leaves drift down
    Like young lovers in a spat
    Warmth of ground ushers amends" Truly terrific! Keep writing, I really enjoy the flowering of your talent. With Best Wishes Scott

  11. Ah, John Denver. After all these years his music is still fresh, now even more so with your tributes.

  12. I've had that song as an earworm since BBC4 did an hour of Kenny Rogers followed by 2 hours of mixed Country music earlier this week. I really enjoyed the nostalgia!

    Your poems are excellent in form and content.

  13. Oh wow Hank these are both exceptional!

  14. You ain't afraid of no classic form; a joy to jump into Shadorma & Sedocka, & your choice of theme was grand, sweet, rife with emotion; impressive write(s).

  15. Hi Hank,

    Ok now this song is playing in my head of course I don't know all the lyrics, but the tune is there..great take my friend..

  16. "The state song effort was started two years ago by the widow of “Gilligan’s Island” actor Bob Denver, who is no relation. Forty-three years after it first hit the airwaves with the words “Almost Heaven, West Virginia,” the Legislature approved a resolution designating it as one of four state songs." Very nice Shadorma and sedoka, Hank