Monday, November 17, 2014

Prestidigitation of a kind to happen naturally

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The given words:
toadstool amber
prestidigitation  -  sleight-of-hand
obsidian  -  naturally occurring volcanic glass
formed as an extrusive igneous rock
lapis-lazuli  -  deep blue semi-precious stone
scabious  -  of the honeysuckle
family of flowering plants

Sitting on the bench at the bus-stop
Like an elf on a toadstool looking out
At the empty highway expecting some
miracle of a kind to happen naturally

It was on amber for far too long waiting
for green to appear but it never did come
There was no change and the highway
remained empty for some while waiting for
prestidigitation of a kind to happen naturally

Was it the obsidian based rock used in its
construction that made it that very risky
To take corners even at reasonable speed
if at all was pushing the luck too far
Apparently lots of lapis-lazuli kind were
embedded in the levels beneath the surface
It made this a valuable stretch of road

It also contributed to the strange sparkles
These suddenly blinded even careful drivers
They could not explain beautiful rays darting
out from the road surface just before the crash

The scabious dotting the sides did not help
to make this a safe and friendly encounter
An expectation of a kind to happen naturally

For Bjorn’s #lqw wordle 11 
Tess' Magpie Tales # 246 and
Kerry's Open Link Monday
at Real Toads


  1. It was the aliens that did it, them and their strobe lights.

  2. I just bet the elves have dusted the way with their magic!

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  4. Very nice work and a nice combination of the prompts. I can't spell this morning!

  5. I'm impressed you made all of those words work together!

  6. Great work Hank. You made good use of given words,

  7. That was an odd combination of words - well done Hank, I'm impressed.

  8. You did good with all those hard words for this week, Hank.

  9. Wonderful words, right up my alley. I love rocks.

    I am far more than my poetry. I tell many stories and happenings. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  10. Wonderful use of words Hank. Perfect narration.

  11. wonderful play on with words and creating a mystery.

  12. A fine response to this week's prompt.

  13. Like this sound of this: The scabious dotting the sides.

  14. The unexplained appearance of the scabrous roadside obsidian should have been enough to alert these unwary drivers that all was not what it appeared to be , that danger lurks !

  15. Totally mesmerized by this ever so clever piece of writing.

  16. I like the way you skillfully weaved toadstool and the Mag image...