Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quality time With the Family

                                                                                                         Attribution: Fae
Image:  Being near and together (here)
Extending a hand in friendship
Such a noble idea to effect change
Wanting to seal a relationship
In an ambience befitting acclaim

Far yet within striking distance
Attesting to madness of desires
Life’s tests that impinge on cadence
A wonderful offspring he had sired

Debating within him for impact
What then is the consideration
With loved ones feeling relaxed
Relishing salads for fat reduction

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse  on Defamiliarization MTB
where we are to present the familiar in a new way so 
it feels new . One way is to take something ordinary 
and not to mention what it is until the very end


  1. Nothing like tucked in with those you want to be with

  2. smiles... being tucked in with the loved ones is a good those convos on the table over a good meal...

  3. Family dinner is often so much more than the food... Yes without mentioning it y name you made me read it even more carefully.

  4. Lovely sentiment and verse Hank, wish I could be around my loved ones who are still estranged.

  5. Interesting take on the dinner table.

  6. Breaking bread, driving out dread, revering the dead, getting ready for bed; all done at the dinner circle, hands touching without touching, hearts strengthening, tongues wagging, sharing; jaws chewing the affairs of the day, or the family; oh yes, lovely take; liked the line /Life's tests that impinge on cadence/.

  7. Those are very comforting sounds and images of the old tradition of the family meal.. and now all that's missing to bring it up to date is heads bowed in silence FOR respect of bright screens. ;)

    AND then man created light.....;)

  8. Family dinners are so much part of life that we tend to forget how important they are and how much they impact a kid's identity.

  9. Being with people when everyone is relaxed is a very enjoyable time indeed.

  10. wonderful way of expressing thankfulness

  11. This is a story of family and thanksgiving - a ballad form well constructed.

  12. Love it Hank, loved the ending (which made me smile).
    Anna :o]

  13. HaHaha! O those diets imposed by love are the best and the worst of things! Well done!

  14. Family dinners are giving love to each person, sharing the love, laughter...eating is such a social thing for me...beautiful poem!