Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candle light dinner and romance

                                                                                              Attribution: Smarthur80
Image: Candlelight dinner (here)

The Red Wolf Wordle with given words:
candle demands fireplace elaborate
tolerate  shallow slack wine silver letter 
exasperate perforate incinerate

Had designs of a candle light dinner and romance
With someone who had just come into her life
He had suggested privacy serenity and warmth
Away from the madding crowd and strife

She had agreed but felt safer at her place than his
No demands were made otherwise so it was agreed
There was no fireplace though but he did not insist
She would decide to think then to serve his needs

A special dinner but not to be too elaborate
Table setting should be formal with everything right
Ambience of a quiet evening  that both could tolerate
One look at the table setting and everything was set

He should be thinking of food and nothing else
She realized the danger of coming on too strong
The impression to keep things shallow not to slack
With sultry jazz music playing in the background

For a light dinner  with white wine on warm evenings
With lighter foods like shrimp or salads as appetizer
Light main course of Tarragon Chicken perhaps the thing
The silverware set but not necessarily though to the letter

But when came the big day she was exasperated
Her dress had ended perforated torn and all in tatters
Where was he she was fuming not wanting yet to incinerate
The audacity to say he would be in the morning for breakfast

Note: Misky Ma'am,
This is a tough nut to crack. I could not
get it done in the present tense as suggested. 

For Misky's hosting at The Red Wolf Wordle #30


  1. What an excellent verse using the given words Hank. Well done.

  2. oy, after all the work she went through to make it def did not have a fairy tale ending...

  3. All the work for naught, not something that is fun for anyone

  4. I don't think he's getting a breakfast...

  5. It didn't work out, but she will find her soul mate as long as she doesn't stop believing.

  6. An excellent piece creation, Hank! You're right; too tough. Present tense is often very difficult in poetry but sometimes I like to try. I thought others might enjoy the challenge, too. Thanks for playing along, Hank!

  7. Thwarted romance. Haha!