Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Waiting for the shadows to out fox!

                                                                              Attribution : Seth Whales
Image: A Red Pillar Box bidding its Time (here)

Note: To write a childlike fantasy poem
even going into realms of nonsensical mode

Real Toads - the given words:
fly race skew waiting shadows clouds strangers
scaling relief horizon contour hopeful dirt
(we are supposed to use 3 words but being a
nonsensical poem it gives a lot of leeway to
use all the words)

3WW - the given words:
distrust tolerant hopeful

To fly slowly into a rabbit hole
A race in time astride a red pillar box
Skewed thinking with the toe
Waiting for the shadows to out fox

Swimming in the clouds with strangers
Scaling the cupboard with an elephant
Offering comic relief to a court jester
Hugging a crocodile on the horizon

Tracing the contour of a tangerine
Gleefully running to offer some dirt
Distrust for a nun atop a submarine
Tolerant kangaroo hopeful for a flirt

For Anthony's hosting at d'Verse
Poetics in a not so Real World
grapeling's at Real Toads and
Thomg's hosting at 3WW


  1. ha. def surreal...the red pillar box made me think of those red phone booths...and scaling the cabinets on elephants was a cool image as well....

  2. I liked the tolerant kangaroo hopeful for a flirt.

  3. I love nonsense! The image looks like some sort of little TARDS. One wonders what sort of time lord might utilize it. :-)

  4. Ah.. as a child i too dreamed of civilizations in the rabbit holes of those big containers of mail with the small entries to amazing ways of life as all the thoughts of others mixed together in one melting pot of what only imagination can hold..:)

    And never in a twitter way that can hold back what can be in full imagination way...;)

  5. I've never seen a pillar box. Is it for mail?

    1. Yes Lili! These are dotted in many places far away from the Post Offices. One can just drop in letters into them (letters that are already with stamps on them) A Postal van will then collect them at designated hours to be brought to the Post Office


  6. Love the nonsense!! I really liked the image of the elephant
    offering comic relief to a court jester... smiles and thanks for joining.

    3 challenges in a single poem is a load--well done :)

  7. haha quite the nonsense fun today. A nun on a submarine would be an interesting picture

  8. Nonsense works for me... I was especially fond of hugging the tangerine...

  9. Love the surreality of your poem, Hank. My fav. somehow 'tolerant kangaru' ~ funny at first, some images - a reflection of our delusional/or not? actions. Enjoyed very much!

  10. smiles... i'm curious who that kangoroo is flirting with you know... and love the english red post boxes...

  11. I love the titular line of this poem, Hank. Very imaginative piece which was a lot of fun to read.

  12. Very nonsensical, Hank! I think the images of the nun and the kangaroo are my favorite.

  13. I laughed about the kangaroo hopeful of a flirt! I always wondered what they were thinking about. Smiles!

  14. What fun as your imagination flowed free

  15. Hi Hank! I enjoyed this, tons!!

  16. a trifecta of triumph! well done, Hank, and thanks for adding your voice ~ M