Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Extending a wealth of kindness to those blessed

                                                                                       Attribution: Primus von Quack
Image: Dusk in Steveston, British Columbia (here)

Red Wolf Poems Wordle #31:
To use the given words and to include
the phrase 'every song must end'
The given words:
grit spirit raw pulsing dying Bodhisattva
void legerdemain parasites reflected dusk

legerdemain: cunning deception or trickery
Bodhisattva: a being that compassionately
refrains from entering nirvana in order to
save others and is worshiped as a deity 
Real Toads:  youth and age

Youth and age at opposite ends of the spectrum
Surviving with true grit of the untested and young
but balanced by the spirit of the experienced soul

Raw nerves employed of activities physical in nature
pulsing at fast rate of adrenalin flow of the young

Matched by the aged afflicted with chronic diseases
sometimes dying but ever willing to act like the
deity Bodhisattva stalking with a pure heart
extending a wealth of kindness to those blessed

Mankind is not conveniently compartmentalized
age-wise though for the void in between may well be
filled by elements prone to legerdemain tendencies
The parasites of society are reflected in ills
of human failings

The dusk of the day brings to a finality of the day’s
failings to hide in the darkness of nights and to
commence the next day their nefarious ventures
unless and until restrained or cut short by the arms
of the law.

Only then will humanity be spared though
invariably sufferings of the deprived would still
be sustained for another day
But poetic justice or justice as a whole will
ultimately triumph as Providence is a fair
Equalizer so that is how eventually
‘every song must end.’

For Nicole's hosting at Red Wolf Poems Wordle #31 and
Kerry's Midweek Challenge at Real Toads with -  youth and age


  1. The given words, and this wonderful picture with your great talent of writing made this a pleasure to read. Well done Hank.

  2. The youth of this era must understand that one day it will too be old!

  3. sufferings will be sustained for another day... yes indeed.

  4. The dusk of the day brings to a finality of the day’s
    failings to hide in the darkness of nights..

    That is very true of any age, Hank.

  5. That you were able to make beautiful meaning with Red Wolf"s prompt combined with Toads' prompt makes you "the man" Impressive.

  6. Age haunts us all as it creeps up and before you know it everything cracks and creeks. But can still have fun

  7. I love "the spirit of the experienced soul".....beautifully said, Hank. I LOVE the line -and the idea - of "extending a wealth of kindness to those blessed, and it makes a wonderful title. I hope our planetary song ends - or continues - as you predict, Hank. I have to believe that light will triumph.