Friday, October 31, 2014

Long flowering shrub

                                                                                         Attribution: H Zell
Image: Round-head Bush-clover (here)

The fresh, aerial parts of blooming plants
are used in homeopathy as remedy  -  Wiki

Long flowering shrub
Bumble bee friendly but deer
haters Bush clover

Bathed in morning dew
Awaiting pollinators
For most of the year

Aerial parts used for
homeopathy remedy
Ready smiles from monks

Query: Some sources mentioned Bush clovers as
shrubs hated by deer (here) but Issa said otherwise.
Wonder which is true! In the extract below does
Issa mean the deer eats something else then and
not necessarily a Bush clover shrub?

bush clover sprouting
when people aren't looking
the deer eats    -   Issa

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #595 -  Bush clover


  1. As an American, I will defend any deer's objections to hating ANY Bush. Ha ha ha.

    Homeopathics, long pooh-poohed by American medical establishment, are now on the upswring. I hope it's in part due to my people realizing we have been over-medicated on the "hard stuff" (synthetics) for years.

    This was an interesting poem, Hank, a well-written bit of off the beaten track. And I love plants, even if they shiver in fear when they see me... I'm a veteran plant killer. Can't help it. My sister has the Green Thumb gene.

    Thx for your visit, and yes, I believe!!! Love, Amelita

    1. 1.I like your pun. Is it more likely the younger Bush then!
      2.Rightly so. One gets the feel for alternative medicine as a sign of wanting to run away from the folly of drugs
      3.Plant-killer? we are nearly in the same mold

      Thanks Amelita!


  2. Plants and herbs can do a lot for us, maybe that is why the deer eat them all

  3. Lovely picture, but why should the deer eat them beats me, perhaps it does them some good.
    Excellent subject and write Hank.

  4. The ancient branches of medicine like homeopathy, Ayurveda ( from India) are fast gaining popularity, though Ayurveda has been traditionally practiced since time immemorial in India, we have special colleges, universities dedicated to teach these ancient medicine systems.

  5. Very nteresting haiku, each worthy. You showed tenderness to nature there.

  6. huh would be nice if deer did not like it...i might actually be able to grow something that they would not eat...ha...i dont mind sharing with them as long as they share with me....

  7. Cool post! I like your original approach!

  8. Smiling monks? What are they up to, anyway? ;)