Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There are demons behind the wheels!

                                                                                                   Attribution: Morio
Image: F1 Racing on Proper Tracks (here)

The given words: fertile defensive needy

If one is to observe on the road
It's a game to some inconsiderate few
The law abiding who follow the rules
Contrary to what is expected
Are the ones most open to risks
The irony of it all

There are demons behind the wheels
Very much taken by the F1 driving mood
Who choose to show their prowess
Whose fertile minds are working overtime
Testing and experimenting with their skills
Nipping into and switching lanes
All at great speed

The danger is extreme provocation
This may invoke a negative reaction
The law abiding may refuse to budge
The tendency is to react in a like manner
of offending those who offended

There is nothing like defensive driving
The demons be left to their quirks
One is not to react but to give way
The demons are the 'needy' who need to learn
They will learn the hard way one day
That is, if they live long enough!

For 3WW #398


  1. That was me when I was younger. Now I'm smarter and nicer with my driving. (I still drive fast though. Sports cars cry when they go the speed limit you know.)
    That's probably one of your best, Hank!

    1. Thanks Alex! That's right! It is real fun behind the wheels. One always feel the highway is clear!


  2. I like to go a bit faster than I should and swear at the slow pokes when they get in my way haha

  3. if they live long enough indeed....i might have gotten a little crazy in my younger days but...i sometimes wonder how we survived it...ha

  4. Not sure how i survived my younger years

  5. Yes, everything depends on that one little word "if": "if they live long enough." What an air of finality to this sombre piece.

  6. this says it all these drivers are dangerous.

  7. True enough! It’s like a video game out there, so crazy that I find it amazing there are aren’t more accidents than there are.

  8. I suppose we all need a bit of danger in our long as the consequences don't outweigh the thrill!